IGeneX Babesia FISH

Misc, Pathogen

The Babesia FISH detects active infection to all Babesia species.

Markers Included On This Screening

  • All species of Babesia 

Screening Details

  • FDN Graduates  will order this screening via the Medical Director Program. $75 USD ($65 USD for AFDNP members).
  • Screening Type: Blood
  • Shipping: Test kits get shipped to the clients directly from the lab. Return shipping envelope is included. Your client or the blood draw location can send the sample to the lab
  • Cost: $220 (shipping included)

Who Pays for the lab?? = The Client 

Who Pays the MDP Fee?? = The FDN practitioner

Screening Instructions

Collection Instructions PDF

Additional Info

From IGeneX: “The Babesia FISH assay is designed for qualitative detection of ribosomal RNA of Babesia parasites directly in a blood smear. The test’s highest degree of specificity is provided by nucleic acid probes, which bind to RNA sequences of the Babesia. This test detects all species of Babesia.”

  • Detects active infection.
  • Detects a broad range of species of Babesia.
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