IGeneX Lyme Bundle


The 4iB Lyme Panel is a bundled comprehensive Lyme & tick-borne disease screening. This screening reports on multiple species, IgG & IgM antibodies, multiple Lyme & tick-borne disease causing pathogens. This is an all in one screening to determine if Lyme or tick-borne illness is/was ever present.

Markers Included On This Screening

  • Lyme ImmunoBlot IgG + IgM
  • Lyme ImmunoBlot IgM + IgG Speciation 
  • Lyme Screen Immunoassay IgM + IgG
  • Babesia ImmunoBlot IgG + IgM
  • Bartonella Immunoblot IgG + IgM (report 5 species) 
  • TBRF ImmunoBlot IgG + IgM
  • TBRF ImmunoBlot IgG + IgM Speciation

Screening Details

  • FDN Graduates  will order this screening via the Medical Director Program.  The MDP fee is $75 USD ( or $65 USD for AFDNP members).
  • Screening Type: Blood draw
  • Shipping: Test kits get shipped to the clients directly from the lab. Return shipping envelope is included. Your client or the blood draw location can send the sample to the lab. Testing is not available in NY, NJ, RI, or outside of the United States . 
  • Cost: $1299 USD (shipping included)

Who Pays for the lab?? = The Client 

Who Pays the MDP Fee?? = The FDN practitioner

Screening Instructions

Collection Instructions PDF

Additional Info

For interpretive guides visit https://igenex.com/test-interpretations/

Testing is not available in NY, NJ, RI, or outside of the United States 

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