Genova GI Effects

GI Function, Pathogen

The Genova GI Effects is a comprehensive stool analysis that tests for commensal bacteria, pathogens, digestive markers, and inflammatory markers.

Markers Included On This Screening

  • Pancreatic Elastase-1 
  • Protein biproducts 
  • Fecal Fat 
  • Calprotectin 
  • Eosinophil Protein X
  • Secretory IgA
  • Occult Blood 
  • Metabolic Indicators: short chain fatty acids, beta-glucuronidase
  • Commensal Bacteria 
  • Pathogens: parasites, opportunistic bacteria, fungi

Screening Details

  • FDN Graduates will order this screening via the Medical Director Program. $75 USD ($65 USD for AFDNP members).
  • Screening Type: 1 day stool
  • Shipping: Use the FedEx shipping bag enclosed in the test kit and drop the package off at a FedEx office or call FedEx for a free pick-up. Available in the USA only.
  • Cost: $429 USD (shipping included)
  • Available to New York Clients

Who Pays for the lab?? = The client

Who Pays the MDP Fee?? = The FDN practitioner

Screening Instructions

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