Advanced Stress & Hormone Profile with Insulin


This FluidsiQ screening pairs the basic SHP and the Stress and Metabolic Profile together into one comprehensive test. The highlights of this screening are the fasting and non-fasting insulin markers. Insulin plays a crucial role in most metabolic functions of the body, therefore it can give you incredible insight into someone’s health.

Markers Included On This Screening

  • Estradiol (E2) 
  • Progesterone (Pg)
  • Pg: E2 Ratio
  • Melatonin (Daytime/Noon)
  • Cortisol 
  • DHEA-S
  • Testosterone 
  • Secretory IgA (Morning) 
  • Insulin Fasting (Morning) 
  • Insulin Non-Fasting (Noon)
  • Carbohydrate stimulation test

Screening Details

  • FDN Graduates will order this screening by opening their own account with FluidsiQ.
  • Screening Type: Saliva
  • Shipping: Shipped via UPS Ground in the US mainland and Canada; UPS Air for Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and internationally (prices vary upon location).
  • International Shipping: Shipping fees vary depending on location. Please check the FluidsiQ for exact shipping prices.
    • **Note FLUIDS iQ does not ship to Australia, New Zealand, or Asia please refer to testing available via Nordic Labs or Nutripath for these areas
  • Cost: $329 USD
    • $50 replacement kit fee (if lost or mishaps happen)

Who Pays the Screening Fee?? = The FDN Practitioner

Who Pays the MDP Fee?? = No Fee

Screening Instructions

Additional Info