Practitioner Spotlight – Rika Keck

Rika Keck, FDN-P, CMTA, CHEK Practitioner

When we asked Rika what she enjoys most about practicing FDN, she said…

It makes sense. And it’s exciting to get clients excited about a new paradigm of wellness.


Rika’s credentials span far and wide. Her wellness experience includes FDN, CMTA, Applied Clinical Nutrition, CHEK level 2 and Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 3, and Green Medicine Herbal Training. Rika was born in South Africa, was a professional ballet dancer, worked on cruise ships for 6 years, and is a self-identified rebel!

Rika’s biggest challenge is a little different from most FDN Practitioners…Rika lives in New York, which reduces testing options for herself and her clients. Many labs refuse to send test kits to NY or will not process samples that were collected in NY. But that doesn’t stop Rika! She has made the best of the situation and notes that it has forced her to further hone her other investigation skills to find root causes for health concerns. Rika added that FDN has given her additional tools and her clients reap the rewards and GET BETTER!

Rika notes that the biggest challenge for her clients is staying the course. In her experience, most people are accustomed to a quick fix and it often leads people to start to fall off the wagon after the initial period when they’ve experienced initial improvements.

When working with a new client, Rika follows these steps:
1. Initial check-in call
2. Create a customized proposal with 2-3 program options to address their individual concerns
3. If client accepts, send questionnaires, request available blood labs, do the MT test
4. Analyze all before the first consult
6. Six 90-minute consults, followed by synopsis notes for the client
7. Email support along the way

Rika markets her services through a combination of her websites, her book that’s due to publish this month, word of mouth referrals, and networking.

Check out Rika’s websites: and