Practitioner Spotlight – Kimball Willson

Kimball Willson, BS, FDN-P

Kimball’s story starts out much like that of most FDN Practitioners. She experienced a number of health challenges over the years and despite numerous medical tests, her doctors were unable to determine what was causing her pain and other symptoms. But what her doctors were never going to discover with their invasive measures was that Kimball had a severe gluten intolerance, a parasite, hormone imbalances, and nutritional deficiencies.

Over the next decade, I just dealt with the flares that came and went, just accepting that my body was flawed and that was how life was going to be.

But Kimball eventually discovered FDN and things began to turn around…

The biggest shift for me with DRESS was the mindset aspect.  I used to think that if I found that ONE problem, I would be cured.  I prayed for a food allergy so I could just remove that one food.  I hoped for low progesterone, so I could supplement with drops.  I had spent thousands on supplements and quick fix products with no results.  Learning to seek the root cause and understand all of the interrelated ways our bodies function helped to give me clarity on the symptoms I had…the DRESS approach gave me the structure to improve.

Today, Kimball is feeling better than ever before and enjoys being able to work with clients in a way that makes an actual difference in their lives. Go Kimball!

When we asked Kimball if she had any tips for other FDN Practitioners, she was eager to share. Kimball advises that it’s important to get your practice in order…

1. Be clear about the direction of your business
2. Develop your brand and get everything else in order (have an attorney draft contracts, set up your CRM, website, bank account, etc.) from the start. “Not having your business in order will weight you down mentally. It’s a big investment up front, but do it right once.”
3. Don’t EVER work for free – your client will fail if they don’t have skin in the game.

Kimball offers 3 levels in her program. She meets with her clients every 2 weeks for the duration of the program. They cover DRESS during the first consult. The second consult is the R&R session. After her clients receive their supplements, they schedule a 3rd consult for education about supplements.

Check out Kimball Willson’s website here: