Practitioner Spotlight – Damian Dubé


Damian Dubé, FDN-P

While in their early ’30s, Damian’s wife Heather was suffering from a number of symptoms that progressed into Lupus, Chronic Fatigue, Hashimoto’s, and Systemic Candida. Over 2 years and 10 doctors later, Heather was in the worst health of her life. She eventually had to quit her job to save her own life. Damian and Heather even sought after natural practitioners during Heather’s healing journey, but found that they, too, could not provide the help Heather desperately needed.

It was clear that Heather needed to take control of her own health. Not until Heather and Damian left the doctors behind and began studying functional nutrition did positive changes start happen for Heather.

The process to recover her health from so many doctors errors for 2 years prior, took us another 1.5 years of dedicated focused work & cost us over $40,000 in the course of a year and a half while she was out of work

The experience left Damian and Heather motivated to create a program that allowed them to offer bio-individualized care to others. FDN helped this husband and wife team to improve their model by looking for underlying causes in their clients’ health problems and thinking outside the box when interpreting lab results and correlating symptoms.

Damian and Heather typically work with women aged 30+ who suffer from Hashimoto’s Chronic Fatigue, thyroid issues, and other autoimmune diseases and metabolic disorders. A primary focus of theirs is to help their clients resolve their health issues while they eliminate or reduce their medications. Damian and Heather are fortunate to have helped numerous clients get their lives back….

The emails we get regularly from clients expressing how we’ve changed their lives, gotten them off medications, helped them to lose significant weight with no exercise, alleviated symptoms they’ve had for years, sometimes decades.

Great work Damian and Heather!

We asked Damian if he had any business tips for his fellow FDN practitioners. He had these pearls of wisdom to share with us:

  1. Don’t give free advice.  It’s not valued and will not be followed. Begin to see your time as your most valuable possession.
  2. Always continue investing in your education. Learning should never end.
  3. Build your colleague community.
  4. Expect building a business to be not only the hardest things you’ll ever do, and one of the largest. Investments you’ll ever make, but also one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do and the best form of personal development you can ever engage in.
  5. Don’t be cheap; take big risks & be willing to invest big in your business. Cheap, scared people who play small & let fear limit them never become successful at effecting greater change.

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