Practitioner Spotlight-Angie White


Angie White, FDN-P, AFDNP Member

Angie’s personal journey with health started early in life, as a teenager. Angie struggled with weight issues, which eventually led into emotional and disordered eating, sugar addiction and ultimately took a toll on her health. From her early teens she struggled with IBS-D and by her twenties a host of other health symptoms.

Emotionally I was all over the place and I had developed an intolerance to dairy, a lot of oils and couldn’t eat any sugar without suffering from intestinal gas. It was pretty miserable really!

That all changed when Keith Tucker, Angie’s good friend, mentor and coach, introduced her to the world of functional lab testing and nutrition. She found FDN and took the deep dive into her own health challenges. Angie started to see a massive improvement using the FDN DRESS® for Health Success principles. One of her biggest challenges was supplements titrating, but through the process she learned how to pay attention to her body to be able to make the small changes it needed.  She began to experience huge improvements in her stress response, light-headed episodes and other health symptoms.

I was always looking for a quick fix and understanding that there are no true ‘quick fixes’ was a really important part of my health journey. Now I am just focused on living a happy, healthy life and slowly building my practice so I can help others to do whatever it is they love.

Through the process, Angie said she’s become more “chilled out” about her health journey and has learned there are no true quick fixes.  Today, Angie is successfully coaching her clients to do the same!   Way to go Angie!

One of her biggest challenges when working with clients is their budget and getting the client to balance that out with their health needs. She loves seeing how much the application of FDN principles can improve the client’s quality of life.

It constantly surprises me how quickly clients see massive improvements in their health from simply applying the D.R.E.S.S principals.

Angie generously shared her own business structure, which includes three levels of programs that range from three to six months and include the FDN model of testing.  Angie works hard to build her business everyday by getting out there and networking. She is involved in a weekly networking group with other types of health practitioners and entrepreneurs. Angie, also let us in on a little secret, her fiancé happens to be an amazing digital marketer, which has helped her build a strong foundation by having a solid marketing strategy.

Angie stated, if she had one tip to give to other FDN practitioners…it would be to get a mentor or business coach.  She advised if it wasn’t for her owns mentors she may still be “thinking” of signing up for the FDN course instead of practicing it!

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