HPA Screening
The FDN Stress and Hormones Saliva Panel by Access MedLabs is great replacement for the former BioHealth 205. This test evaluates adrenal gland function and hormone balance.

Markers Included On This Screening

  • Cortisol – Morning
  • Cortisol – Noon
  • Cortisol – Afternoon
  • Cortisol – Nighttime
  • Estradiol (salivary)
  • Estriol (salivary)
  • Estrone (salivary)
  • Progesterone (salivary)
  • Melatonin (bedtime)
  • Testosterone (AM)
  • DHT (AM, salivary)

Screening Details

  • Test Type: Saliva (4 vials / 1-day collection)
  • Shipping: Use the UPS shipping bag enclosed in the test kit and drop the package off in a UPS drop box or at a UPS drop location – Do not freeze samples.  There will be a $15 reship fee if the samples are collected incorrectly or if an invalid address is given when ordering.
  • International Shipping: $40 for Canada, $40 for Mexico, all other locations contact the lab for a shipping quote
  • Cost: $147 plus $15 drop ship fee within the US – Note **The lab does not accept payment from your clients – They will invoice you for the dropship fee and test fee upon receipt of the samples arriving at the lab**
  • Instruction Sheet: See attachments below
  • Sample Report: See attachments below
  • Can be done in New York state IF your practice is not in New York state.  For New York practitioners please reach out to for help in getting a kit shipped to your New York clients.

Customer Service contacts for lab inquiries – text 561-513-4334 or email for faster response time. 

Additional Screening Instructions

  • Choose a “normal” or typical day to take the test. If you happen to get bad news, have or almost have a car wreck or experience an otherwise abnormally stressful event, or if you forget to take a sample, stop collecting for that day, wash out the vials with water, let air dry, and start over on a day when you can commit to completing all samples. These events can raise cortisol levels and would not reflect the typical levels we want to assess given a “normal” day.
  • Males and post-menopausal females can collect their samples on any day of the month. Pre-menopausal females should collect their samples on a day that falls within days 18-21 of their cycle (Day 1 being the first day of bleeding). For women with a shorter cycle (every 25 days) test on Day 18; for women with a longer cycle (every 30-31 days) test on Day 21. If the woman is not cycling normally or is peri-menopausal, she should do her best to approximate the day.
  • All 4 samples must be collected on the same day.
  • Do not consume any caffeine or alcohol, or smoke the day of the test.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise prior to collection.
  • Do not take adrenal support supplements (licorice root, rhodiola, etc), sublingual hormone drops (DHEA, Pregnenolone, Progesterone, Estrogen, etc), or sublingual supplements (B12 lozenge, etc) per chart on collection instructions included with the kit to avoid contaminating the saliva samples and impacting the results. These supplements may be resumed the day after the test.
  • Morning collection should be 1 hour after waking.  This recommendation differs from the included test instructions.
  • Collect your night-time sample in the lowest light possible. Avoid bright light, television, and computer monitors for 10 minutes prior to and during collection.   
  • For one hour before collection: Do not eat or drink anything except water. Do not brush your teeth, or use dental floss or mouthwash.
  • Night-shift workers can take their first sample 1 hour after waking and then every 4-5 hours after that.
  • If you have trouble generating enough saliva for the sample you can: try holding your tongue to the roof of your mouth, yawning, or smelling vinegar or a cut lemon.
  • Include requisition form with your samples. Correct or add missing information on the requisition form. Be sure that your date of birth is on the form.

Additional Info

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Sample Reports

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