Fantastic Friday Call – January 24th Edition!!

It’s an “Ask The Mentors” episode!

Date. January 23rd at 11:00 am PST

Show Notes;

1. Caller: How to read the Biohealth 401-EXP regarding H. Pylori

2. I was wondering why we can’t/don’t test menstruating women at any time in their cycle (since the lab provides ranges at each stage).

Is it simply a matter of FDN having plotted optimal ranges for the luteal phase only?

Just wondering why we’re limited that way. THANK YOU in advance for anyone’s help & insight on this

3. Question, if Bio-botanical Products contain Oregano as an ingredient and I have a food sensitivity to Oregano, is there an alternative product line? Or is this one of the times when the benefits outweigh the risk?

4. Caller: Using colloidal sliver long-term for cold prevention.