Fantastic Friday Call – February 7th, 2020

Fantastic Friday Call – Ask the Mentors

Date. February 7, 2020

Show Notes;

1. I heard reed say In a slide that if we find H. pylori we would address that first even if parasites are present. but then in our protocol we are told to treat parasites first then bacteria than yeast. and H. Pylori is a bacteria so I am a little confused. What do we address first?

2. Caller: How and if to address Citrobacter finding on 401H. Client with no history or autoimmunity or UTI

3. Caller: Comparing the 401H to DSL GI Map

4. Caller: Client that is doing DRESS protocol but not seeing much positive change. What to look at next.

5. Do we ALWAYS include a Candida protocol at the end of a Supplement Protocol if a client’s 401H detects parasite and/or bacterial infection, even if no candida shows on test results?I know Reed mentioned that we just presume there is some kind of candida in play as well as it takes really strong levels to show up on the tests results at all so it is often undetected. Just want to know whether we include Candida/Yeast Protocol supplement suggestions automatically in, sequenced at end of other protocols, or make a call on it based on how a client feels after other pathogen eradication protocols complete?

6. Can someone point me to the point in the course where Reed explains how to use the Hormone Check Record?