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Salicco Jackson



UTC-6:00 - Central Standard Time

Area of Specialty

hormones, nutrition, fitness (weight training), detoxification, weight loss, perimenopause, blood sugar, thyroid health, trauma, body image and gut support after disordered eating, explant surgery

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Short Professional Bio

Tina Salicco Jackson is a seasoned functional fitness and health practitioner, dedicated to empowering health-conscious women aged 30+ to unlock newfound strength and confidence. Specializing in firing up metabolism, weight loss, and preventing aging-related diseases, Tina's comprehensive approach blends her expertise in functional diagnostic nutrition with a deep understanding of trauma and psychospiritual preparation and integration.

With over a decade of experience in nutrition and fitness, coupled with her profound knowledge of hormones and digestion, Tina crafts personalized wellness strategies that transcend traditional health paradigms. Her unique methodology not only targets physical well-being but also nurtures mental and emotional health, offering a holistic path to vitality and longevity.

Whether you're seeking to revitalize your body, fire up your metabolism, or navigate the complexities of aging with grace, Tina is your guide to achieving balance and wellness in every aspect of life.