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The Well Center - Michele Zipper

The Well Center



Armonk, NY 10504

UTC-12:00 - Baker Island Time

Area of Specialty

Gut health, General Wellness, Children

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Short Professional Bio

Michele is a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® practitioner and the co-owner of The Well Center, an integrative wellness center in Armonk, NY. She empowers people who are dealing with any symptoms or health issues to take control of their health by helping to facilitate lab testing and helping to create recommended protocols based on their results. She then coaches clients to make sure they stick to their protocols and reach their goals – usually which is to regain health, energy and vitality! She has worked personally with leading health and wellness experts in her own journey of self-discovery and healing, and has worked hard to create balance in her own life. Michele is passionate about sharing her knowledge and insights with you. She is also a supported (and supporting) wife and mama of 3 teens.