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Serious About Wellness LLC



Hotchkiss, CO 81419, USA

UTC-7:00 - Mountain Standard Time

Area of Specialty

Complex health issues, gut health, detox, oxalates, exercise/fitness, brain health

Demographics of Typical Customers

Short Professional Bio

Dustin McFarland FDNP, CNC is a board-certified holistic health practitioner and founder of Serious About Wellness LLC. While being a personal trainer and a nutritional health coach, Dustin found his passion for helping others with their health. He is serious about helping people achieve their optimal health thru diet and lifestyle changes. He specializes in getting people out of the cycle of trial and error by focusing on their whole picture which includes their hormones, immune system, digestion, detoxification, energy systems, and neurological health. He believes in living his best life possible and strives to help others do the same. With a philosophy of maximizing every aspect of life for him and his clients, he is serious and very passionate about helping people take care of the most important asset in this life, their health.

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