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9450 Doubloon Drive

UTC-5:00 - Eastern Standard Time

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Women's health, burnout, hormones, anxiety, depression

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Molly’s journey, fueled by her personal experience with SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), hormone imbalances & skin issues, led her to establish Molly Segal | Concierge Functional Wellness, a haven for those seeking natural lifestyle solutions for chronic health issues.

Molly provides comprehensive diagnostic lab testing to uncover personalized insights into your health. These tests include a Comprehensive Blood Chemistry Panel, GIMap stool test, DUTCH and FluidsIQ Stress & Hormone Panel, MRT Food Sensitivity Test, Metabolic Wellness Panel, Mucosal Barrier Assessment, Metabolic Typing, and more. This thorough approach allows Molly to tailor a Diet, Rest, Exercise, Stress & Supplement protocol (DRESS) to your specific needs, ensuring a holistic and personalized wellness journey.

Molly understands how you are caught in the cycle of trial and error with doctors and other health professionals.  Her goal is to be the last health professional you see to feel well again.

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