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Maria Horstmann




UTC-12:00 - Baker Island Time

Area of Specialty

Blood Sugar Dysregulation, [low grade] inflammation, and imbalanced cortisol, HPA-Axis (hormones), Exercise/Fitness

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Maria Horstmann, a Board Certified Functional Wellness Professional, Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P), Personal Trainer, Corporate Wellness Consultant, and Speaker. Maria worked in corporate for 20+ years and left a successful career in corporate finance to help transform lives. She is committed to empowering driven, health-oriented professionals to get to the bottom of their health and weight issues so they can feel energetic and restore vitality while supporting the body’s innate healing abilities. Maria overcame pre-diabetes, sugar addiction, eating disorder, and chronic G.I. issues after having a ‘Come to Jesus‘ conversation about her own lifestyle, family health history, and fears. She took a deep dive into what health truly is, pillars of health, and transformed by applying natural wellness principals.