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St. Louis, MO, USA

UTC-6:00 - Central Standard Time

Area of Specialty

hormonal imbalances, fatigue, mitochondrial dysfunction, detoxification issues, breast implant illness

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Julie discovered Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® through her own health challenges. After struggling with severe Asthma as a child, she became passionate about personal health and fitness. This inspired her to pursue degrees in Kinesiology and Physical Therapy. Her Physical Therapy program taught the Movement System Balance® approach, where Julie learned the interconnectedness of all of the body’s systems and how they each influence proper function. As a Physical Therapist, her primary focus was treating muscle imbalances, movement dysfunction and chronic pain. Not long after struggling with infertility and premature delivery of her twins, she was given a diagnosis of Hypothyroidism, later followed by treatment for hormonal imbalances, fibromyalgia, and gut issues. Though she saw many functional practitioners over the years, she became frustrated by the singular focused diagnosis and treatment model that looked at each issue separately. Hoping to find a holistic approach that addressed the body as a whole, Julie began a great deal of searching and self-education, while also becoming a Certified Health and Wellness Coach through Wellcoaches®. Once she found FDN®, she was excited to discover functional lab testing and its usefulness in uncovering hidden stressors in the body. Julie is passionate about teaching others how physiological dysfunction is negatively impacting their health, and educating them about how to apply DRESS principles to help them return to optimal health and vitality. Her emphasis includes helping those with hormonal imbalances, fatigue, mitochondrial dysfunction, detoxification issues and breast implant illness.

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