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Franklin, TN 37067, USA

UTC-6:00 - Central Standard Time

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Helping fitness-minded people regain and maintain their health and vitality.

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Dawn became very interested in fitness and nutrition nearly 20 years ago after becoming a Pilates instructor. When doctors told her nothing was wrong, she used research to help heal her digestion. She acted as a healthcare advocate for other family members when they faced big medical problems and became a National Board Certified Health Coach to cement her expertise. Like you, she tried many different ways of eating and many different types of fitness, always searching for the right one. She thought she had found the magic combo with Pilates, intense weight training, and counting macros until she started getting injured, and her digestion started worsening. Two surgeries later, she realized she was pushing her body too hard and eating the wrong foods. She became a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practioner to finally figure out what was missing in her health puzzle. Dawn wants to help others avoid the years of trial and error she went through trying to feel better. Dawn brings extensive fitness, nutrition, research-driven health coaching techniques and a deep understanding of how to use the labs and lifestyle habits to create a highly personalized plan so that her clients have results without regrets.