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Hormone balance for high-achieving women who wish to feel vibrant in body and mind so they can live and lead with confidence.

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I’m on a mission to help high-achieving women feel vibrant in body and mind so they can live and lead with confidence.

Since 2003, I’ve coached women around mindset, fitness, nutrition, and spiritual wellness.

I’m a small-business owner, so I know the devastating effects of stress. In 2016, I let it get the best of me and my mental, spiritual, and physical health crashed.

For years, I couldn’t sleep through the night. I couldn’t lose weight no matter how many miles I cycled, and no matter how many calories and carbs I cut from my diet. I lost my energy, and with it – my love for life.

I saw doctors and chiropractors and nutritionists, but no one could tell me why I felt so crummy! They offered me pills and antidepressants, and advice like, “you’re healthy! Try to cut your calories and exercise more.”

As if I hadn’t already tried those things!

At the end of my rope, I finally found Functional Diagnostic Nutrition. I ran a series of cutting-edge functional lab tests on myself. The results showed that my hormones and digestion were a mess! Using the patented D.R.E.S.S. ® protocol to correct the imbalances found on my lab work, I’m feeling better than I ever have.

Proper prayer, nutrition, and movement helped me pivot. And I want help you find your pivot too.