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Donna Simonetti Rasera

Simonetti Rasera

(971) 251-5433

Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034

UTC-12:00 - Baker Island Time

Area of Specialty

Autoimmune, Chronic illness, Children’s Health

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It has been my observation that people suffer way more than they have to...Unbeknownst to most people there are many options available to reach a state of great physical health, high energy, optimal human potential and true happiness. I know because I have found many of them, and I am experiencing all of the above! More importantly I want to share this with anyone that wants to enjoy the benefits my family, my clients and I have experienced. Blocks to optimal performance in mental, physical and emotional states are readily revealed and easily corrected through Functional Diagnostic Health and Human Potential Coaching. Regarding optimal health; I make carefully selected lab tests accessible to you affordably. I also can both interpret those lab results for you and assist you to implement a self-care lifestyle program to address the imbalances that are revealed. Reach out to me, I would love to take a part in your journey to optimal health!