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Davidson, FDN-P


North Attleborough, MA 02760, USA

UTC-5:00 - Eastern Standard Time

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Hormone Health

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Holistic health wasn't always my focus, certainly not from the beginning! My journey began over 20 years ago when I found myself frustrated by unexplained weight gain despite regular exercise and a seemingly clean diet.

Feeling lost, I worked with a holistic health coach to guide me through understanding my unique nutritional needs and balance my hormones. Alongside, I enlisted a personal trainer specializing in women's bodies. It became clear that my body had changed, prompting me to learn how to work with my body through fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle shifts.

As I took these initial steps to shed excess weight and dive into holistic health, I found myself faced with the desire to conceive. The journey wasn't easy—numerous tests, unexplained infertility, and a deeper exploration into environmental factors and emotional stressors.

The joy of conceiving my oldest son via IVF and my youngest naturally two years later added a beautiful chapter to my journey. And I think it was no coincidence that my health cleanup led to a natural conception!

Post-baby weight proved challenging, despite nursing for two years, eating healthily, and staying active. Hormones played their part again, disrupted by IVF drugs and two pregnancies. It took foundational practices, consistency, and a deep understanding of my body's needs to release the weight over a two-year period.

While I maintained my happy weight for a decade, heading into my fifties brought new challenges—digestive issues, hot flashes, sleep disruption, irritability at night, and fatigue.

This phase led me to discover functional lab testing, emphasizing the importance of testing rather than guessing to rebalance the body as a whole.

Along this journey, I realized the uniqueness of each individual. What worked for me might not work for someone else. Personalized evaluations and protocols are essential for whole health healing.

The FDN approach, addressing the body as a whole and testing for hidden stressors, proved transformative.

Now, my sleep is amazing, no more hot flashes, my energy has skyrocketed, I feel happier and lighter, and my digestive issues have disappeared. I'm also thrilled to be on a biohacking journey, actively working to reverse my biological age.

Feeling a spiritual calling, I devoted myself to this mission by becoming an FDN-P.