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Bellefonte, PA

UTC-12:00 - Baker Island Time

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Blood Sugar/Diabetes/Gestational Diabetes

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Amber Cesare is a functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner (FDNP) and educator. As an FDNP, she helps clients identify their unique healing opportunities through functional lab testing, make lifestyle and behavior changes to address those healing opportunities through an individualized wellness plan, and walks alongside her clients with health coaching that provides support, accountability, and course correction where needed. Her journey to become an FDNP started with her own health crisis. During her first pregnancy, she started passing out about an hour or two after meals at 20 weeks pregnant. The doctors ran a ton of tests to see what was causing these episodes from bloodwork, to seeing a cardiologist, to seeing a nutritionist. At 30 weeks pregnant she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. At 31 weeks she was put on insulin. With insulin, her blood glucose levels were in the normal range one hour after eating, but two hours after she would have to pump more sugar into her system due to being in a diabetic emergency. She was constantly in a cycle of her blood sugar being high then too low. At 39 weeks she was relieved to give birth to a healthy baby girl and insulin free! It was confirmed six weeks after birth that she was no longer diabetic! As a new mom, though, she struggled like so many other new moms to find a way to include time to take care of herself. She also struggled to lose the fifty pounds she gained while pregnant. When she found out she was pregnant with her second child, she made a promise to herself that this time would be different. She decided to work with a functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner in order to have greater guidance. The FDN-P walked alongside her through the entire pregnancy, helped her to advocate for herself and follow her instincts, and helped her to learn more about her body’s unique needs. She learned how to listen to her body and follow its innate intelligence. She also learned how to balance her blood sugar. As a result, Amber felt healthy throughout her entire pregnancy and had more energy, less swelling, no complications, and a healthy baby! Amber's healing journey working alongside an FDN-P made her want to help others in a similar position, so she decided to attain her certification in functional diagnostic nutrition. She believes that having a health crisis can be a very lonely journey to walk and no one should do it alone!