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3103 Central Plank Road

UTC-6:00 - Central Standard Time

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Helping frustrated, stressed-out women uncover the hidden causes of hormonal, gut, and skin issues.

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Alissabeth has had a passion for health and wellness for over 20 years. As a traditionally trained nurse, Alissabeth changed her focus from sick care to wellness by becoming a Dr. Sears Health Coach while dealing with 3 young children who were constantly sick. This shift catapulted her family into better health and fueled the desire to find alternatives to traditional healthcare not only for herself, but others. Her passion for functional bloodwork and nutritional healing led to seeking out further education by becoming a FDN Practitioner.

She helps frustrated, stressed out women uncover the hidden causes of fatigue, weight gain, and gut and skin issues. Having dealt with unanswered skin conditions, gut issues and hormonal imbalances, Alissabeth understands the struggles of a busy woman, wife, and homeschooling mom who has little time to care for herself. Her goal is to help others avoid the same experience of frustration by using functional lab tests to help address imbalances within the body so that you can finally feel better!