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Code of Ethics and Conduct

It is the responsibility of every member of the Association of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Professionals to abide by a code of ethics and      conduct. AFDNP members will: 

     Exercise the highest standard of professional conduct with clients and peers

     Treat every client and colleague with respect and a willingness to help

     Provide clients with the best support, information and products possible

     Operate only within the scope of the role of an FDN practitioner and/or other professions the FDN Practitioner is licensed to practice

     Operate in compliance with all laws applicable to the scope of nutrition and health coaching and consulting practices, including use of nutritional supplements

     Continue to seek professional development

     Use lab test results to design individualized lifestyle & behavior programs only

     Never diagnose or treat any specific condition unless the FDN Practitioner is licensed to do so

     Timely report all lab test results to the client along with any self-treatment recommendations

     Refer clients to a licensed healthcare provider when they seek medical interpretation of test results, diagnosis, or medical treatments

     Do not cause clients to believe that their medical insurance is likely to pay for their functional lab tests; and

     Raise all questions related to lab tests requested via the FDN Medical Director Program to FDN Inc.; FDN Practitioners must not contact           labs directly in these cases 

     Share AFDNP exclusive materials, such as webinars and documents, only with fellow AFDNP members 


     Violation of this Code may result in the suspension or closure of FDN Practitioner’s AFDNP membership or other privileges typically afforded to FDN Practitioners in good standing.  

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