Strictly Business: How to Finally Start the Podcast that Grows Your Business with Evan Transue

Resource List and Summary Notes:
Products to order – 
–> Microphone
–> Windscreen (optional):
–> Pop filter (optional):
–> Isolation Shield (definitely optional, but very cool):
Programs/Websites Used and What They Do:
–> Zencastr This is the program you will use to record with your guests. It saves the audio tracks to each participants computer and then uploads them to your server to maintain very high-quality audio. Video is also available here if that’s something you choose to use.
–> Audacity. Pc download here
Mac download here
–> Anchor This is what’s called a podcast “distribution” platform. It not only posts to the Anchor podcast platform, but will also distribute your podcast to ALL major podcasts automatically, such as Spotify and Apple.
–> Canva This is a program to edit and possibly even create your template for your social media excerpt(s). If you do not want to create one on your own, order it from or another freelance website. Make sure it is compatible and fitted for Instagram.
–> Wavve  This is a website that allows you to add waveform AND/OR captions to a social media excerpt you create. Waveform are those lines, rings, or shapes that move in accordance with the audio being played. This is something that is much more eye-catching. 
–> Fiverr This is your go-to website for anything you could possible need. Need a professional-sounding intro and outro for your show? Need a special task done with audio editing? Need a podcast logo made? Need a social media excerpt template made? All of these and so much more can be easily and cheaply solved with fiverr.
Notes about building the podcast and your audience:

1) Set what you can be CONSISTENT with. It does seem that, in general, more is better with podcasting. However, being able to commit to one really solid podcast per month on the same date or day (4th Friday, for example) is always going to be better than just releasing completely randomly. Of course, this is a general rule and not one that is set in stone. I’m sure there are exceptions.  A good starting place would be one interview release at the same time every week, and then try to get in at least one “off-the-cuff” episode each week. That can literally just be a 5-10 minute recording of you sharing some relevant insight or information to the audience and posting it. The whole process should never take more than 30 minutes. Its that easy!
2) Your first 10-20 interviews should be people who do not have the biggest names, but can at least still speak effectively on the topic. Your AFDNP group is a fantastic resource for this.
3) IF you happen to have bigger names in your network, start reaching out after you have 10-20 episodes out. The more the better.
4) Ask each guest to rate on Apple Podcasts if they can, share the podcast, and see if they have any people in their network who they thing would like to come on.
5) If you follow these steps, you are NOT by any means being promised 1000s of downloads. This is a presentation/guide for using a podcast to simply and easily create high-paying clients. In our world of FDN, even 20-30 listens on the right episode could generate you business that you are reaping the benefits from a year+ from its release. Do NOT think in terms of scale, think in terms of how you can talk the language of your ideal client, and then do that.
6) Create podcast episodes with testimonials or common questions answered. This way, you can use the episodes as a follow-up with prospects you were unable to close.
“Hey Mr. So-and-so, I know that you said you just aren’t really sure if this program could work for someone like you, so here is a podcast of a client who was JUST like you! Its only 15 minutes. Could you listen to this and I’ll check-in within the next few days?”

If you have any questions whatsoever, please feel free to reach out to Ev!
Evan Transue, FDN-P, IINHC