Health and Wellness Coaching Mastery

by Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

What is the Health and Wellness Coaching Mastery course?

This 75-hours of training course will allow you to master the skills of coaching clients through emotional and other barriers to reaching their goals through the application of motivational interviewing and scientific-based behavior change strategies.

This course will prepare you to sit for the NBHWC National Coaching board exam.  

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Course Overview

The course includes and requires 75-Hours of training in:

  • 15 Asynchronous (recorded) hours of health and wellness training via three AFDNP Advanced courses:
    • Mitochondria
    • Blood chemistry
    • Herbal foundations
  • 60 Hours of coaching training:
    • 13 Asynchronous hours (via the AFDNP Advance coaching/emotional wellness course)
    • 47 Synchronous (live) hours:
      • 3 live hours are one on one mentor sessions with a coaching mentor (2 are ungraded mentor sessions, and the last is a graded Practical Skills Assessment; the PSA must be passed before coaching sessions count towards the 50-required coaching sessions for board eligibility)
      • 44 live hours are scheduled (from several weekly options) 2-hr classes designed to help you practice the coaching skills learned from the asynchronous portion and to provide a space to practice actual coaching sessions with clients


To sit for the NBHWC Coaching board

  • Complete the above course outline
  • Pass the third mentor session PSA (from #3 in the course outline below)
  • Complete 50 logged 20+-min coaching sessions (can be completed during #7 below) after passing the PSA (from #3 below)
  • Have any associate degree, or two years work experience in any field

Explore the Course!

1. Coaching and Emotional Wellness Course (Asynch)

2. Synchronous Sessions 1-5 (can be done at same time as 4-6 below)

1. Wheel
2. Strengths
3. Values
4. Vision
5. SMART Goals, Barriers & Accountability

3. 2 Mentor sessions and 1 PSA (Synch)

At least 1 week apart from each other; can be done at same time as 4-6 below.(Synch)

4. Mitochondria course (Asynch)

5. Blood Chemistry Course (Asynch)

6. Herbal Foundations Course (Asynch)

7. Coaching Synchronous Sessions (Synch)

(can be taken at the same time as 4-6 above, but must have completed #3 and passed PSA) to bring you to a total of 44 live hours (including #2 above)

Get started on learning to

sit for the the NBHWC National Coaching Board!