FDN Level 2 & 3 Details


Learn from Dr. Lori Rose about Board Certification


Ready to take your learning to the next level?  As part of the learning path towards the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching (NBHWC) board certification, FDN level 2 counts towards the asynchronous (non-live) training required by the board to sit for their board certification exam.

What are the FDN Level 2 Courses?



FDN Advanced – Coaching and Emotional Wellness




FDN Advanced –  Mitochondria



Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis Logo


FDN Advanced – Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis Advanced Module




FDN Advanced – Thyroid Advanced Training Module





FDN Advanced – Herbalism




Upon completion of all of these courses, you will be awarded an FDN Level 2 Certificate and will be ready to enroll in FDN Level 3.


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FDN Level 3 – The FDN Coaching Skills Mastery Course


Is the synchronous/live training and 50 case reviews required by NBHWC to sit for their board certification exam.  —> DETAILS COMING SPRING April 2021

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If you have any questions regarding FDN Level II or III please reach out to brandy.buskow@afdnp.com.