Fantastic Friday Call – Friday January 29, 2021


Fantastic Friday Call – Ask the Mentors!!

Date. January 29, 2021

Show Notes.

  1. My question is about nitrates: Is there a test for nitrates? How important is testing for nitrates as it pertains to gut health? How do you reconcile nitrate rich foods with someone’s Metabolic Diet?
  2. I am planning on doing my Stress Hormone Panel tomorrow and I have checked the FB page and read instructions online and in booklet. Few questions Some of the info differs
    I take desiccated thyroid hormone first thing upon waking and bio identical hormone Progesterone, testosterone and estrogens… Is it enough to not take these for 24 hours prior and the day of test.. or should I stay off longer for more accurate results?
  3. Caller: Suggestions for vegetarian client with severe anxiety and acid reflux.