Fantastic Friday Call – February 28th, 2020

Fantastic Friday Call – Ask the Mentors

Date. February 28, 2020

Show Notes;

1. My client is sensitive to Ibuprofen but has muscles aches and pains, can you recommend any alternatives?

2. Caller: Can you explain how someone with food sensitivities will be able to eat those foods again? Or if someone is sensitive to food is it permanent?

3. Caller: I have a 14 year old female client with EBV, which tests would you recommend running to help this client? Would you run hormone testing?

4. Caller: Questions regarding sequencing and titration. Did you address the mucosal barrier before or after your work on pathogens?

5. Caller: I haven’t been able to get my practice started as I’ve been struggling with my own health issues. Can you provide some feedback on how I can help my health when I am dealing with histamine issues?