Your AFDNP Membership Starts Here!  Here is a list of the many benefits provided to you.  Feel free to click to enter into any of these areas.

You will also find them listed in the Left Side Menu under the appropriate topics for your convenience!  Look for menu items that list “Members Only” and have a lock icon!  Those are for you!

Real Results Show Highlight | Be a guest on our Facebook Live Real Results show for referral opportunities and so we can highlight the great you are doing as an FDN. Apply to be a guest here!

FDN Referral Program | We are constantly getting inquiries from people looking to work with an FDN-P and we would love to refer them to you! Add your info for referrals opportunities here

Natural Medicines Database | Access to the Natural Medicines database is provided to members complimentary by AFDNP.  A value of $200/year! Natural Medicines is a trusted source for information for topics such as supplement efficacy, supplement interaction with prescription drugs, and nutrient depletion caused by prescription drug use.

Pro Series – Functional Health and Business Training Sessions | Regular health & wellness training sessions designed for FDN Practitioners with replays available 24/7

D.R.E.S.S. Protocol Series | Further your FDN skill set and clinical tool box with these advanced training sessions designed for FDN Practitioners with replays available 24/7

Strictly Business Meetings | A series of small group meetings with Reed. It’s a time and space to have direct access to Reed to pick his brain on the nitty gritty details of how to set up, grow, and manage your FDN Practice

Detective Hour  | Need one-on-one input from an FDN expert? Submit your case and we’ll review it with you live.

20% Discount on FDN Products | FDN courses and packages are discounted for AFDNP members.

Private AFDNP Facebook Group | Hang out with your professional peers not the hobbyists. Post and comment about tough cases, health problems, business and health coaching issues, and the receive latest, most up to date information available.  Get the support you’d expect from a crowd-sourced platform of people just like you with the same training you have.  Receive the latest announcements from FDN HQ on all issues affecting the profession and FDNs in particular, as well as the latest about events and activities provided just for you.

Clinical Advisor Forum | Need some quick guidance with a case? Just post a question in the Clinical Advisor Forum and you’ll get an answer from an FDN Expert. No appointment necessary.

Case Study Library | Every Case Study is about a real client being helped by a real FDN Practitioner. 

Document Peer Sharing | A place to share documents with your colleagues. No need to re-create the wheel when it’s time to develop a new form, client handout, or info sheet.

Business Insights Articles | Just some biz wisdom tips from an expert to help you organize your business practices.

Credentials | Don’t get left out, be part of the leadership in the health coaching area and use AFDNP Membership as an extra credential on your web site, business cards, etc.  Very impressive!

Professional Development Credit (PDC) Requirement fulfilled | AFDNP membership meets the 6-hour professional development requirement to keep your FDN certification active. 

Lecture Club Meetings | Regular meetings to improve your public speaking skills & to grown your business using lectures and workshops.