AFDNP has provided valuable resources for me as an FDN-P.  The continuing education is phenomenal as it is wide and deep on a variety of subjects that encompass all aspects of being an FDN-P from client management to business management to health protocol knowledge.  The quality and experience of the lectures is clearly evident.  Possibly more importantly, as a new FDN-P, it has created a a professional sense of community and resource.  The encouragement and knowledge that I am not alone and that seasoned help is a click away allows me to step more easily out of my comfort zone and apply what I have learned in class.

Thanks for being key to this program and process Justine & Kendra!

Gloria Westerman

FDN-P & AFDNP Member

I am increasingly impressed with AFDNP. Each week I am going through a few of the case studies. Just the exposure is so helpful!

I cannot be on all the calls live but am listening to recordings, and wow! The calls on building the business have been super helpful. Right now I am working through the one with Dr. Viadal because I am diligently working to create speaking engagements. This is SUCH helpful information.

I am hoping the interactive engagement will pick up. It isn't as dynamic as facebook yet. I am really looking forward to there being stronger engagement from the members. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE knowing I can post and get a quick response when I have a question. That has already been super helpful with a parasite protocol I needed to write. And I've found the responses to other's questions also very helpful.

AND, I used the discount to purchase a lecture package! Planning to purchase another one in a few months..... Overall. A plus, plus. I am very impressed with what has already been created, and I can see the value increasing month to month.

Thank you SO much, Reed and all of the staff. You guys are really knocking it out of the park! Very much appreciated!

Kendana Heston

FDN-P & AFDNP Member

The association has been instrumental in motivating me to continue my study and not give up. It has brought clarity and understanding thru many case studies. In business, it has been an positive impact on my current business by give me the tools to value my work, approach clients and prepared well for the future. It’s an investment not expenses. I believe that this association completes FDN.

Claudia Gonzalez

FDN-P & AFDNP Member, Akasha Therapeuitic Massage & Wellness

I’m loving access to the ongoing training!! I remember when I was graduating from acupuncture school, they told us not to worry about knowing everything, that we would be novices out in the world; but to continue to learn and expand our knowledge as we grew our practices and to figure out what we didn’t know. And here is where we get to do the same as new practitioners of FDN, with this magnificent safety net. Love it!

Tripp Hansen

DN-P & AFDNP Member

I have only been a member for a few days, and just begin to explore all of the resources. What a wealth of information! I already love watching the videos and access to the natural medicine database was really helpful. Looking forward to exploring all of the information here.

Amy Marquardt

FDN-P & AFDNP Member
Both Graduates and Trainees are welcome to join! Keep in mind the content we share in the AFDNP membership builds upon the FDN principles that we outline and teach in the FDN course. This content is meant to enhance your skills as a practitioner beyond the basic FDN principles, a good understanding and use of these principles will still be the foundation of any FDN practice.

Questions? Contact the AFDNP Membership Director at support@afdnp.com