2020 DIVI CNV – 2019 Friday Calls

January 4th, 2019

Ask the Mentors


  • Recommendation on Krill Oil vs EPA/DHA
  • Client Case: client with super dry skin drinking water and on DRESS
  • Supplementation with B6
  • 401H: Interphase for Biofilms

January 11th, 2019

Ask the Mentors


  • Caller: Questions about GI Map results and addressing H. Pylori
  • Recommendations for cold sores
  • Caller: Should I avoid MRT foods topically
  • Addressing GI issues on a limited budget

January 18th, 2019

Ask the Mentors


  • Should labs be repeated if I took a break before R&R was completed
  • Client Case: Husband with estrogen dominance, low testosterone, low cortisol
  • Recommended length of time to take the interfase before the BH401H and reactions
  • Client Case: Chronic over-excerciser with high cortisol result on DUTCH
  • Success in doing booths at expos

January 25th, 2019

Ask the Mentors


  • Biocidin minimum # of drops for a good therapeutic dosage
  • When treating for H-pylori or other parasites, do you stop usage of hormone program enhancers
  • Is it safe for a nursing mother to take bovine immunoglobulins
  • Client Case:  38 yo female, amenorrhea, DUTCH, Thyroid, Mold exposure, bioidentical hormones
  • Mucosal Repair Protocol – how long does a client with pretty bad gut dysfunction need to stay on that
  • What tests are recommended for those dealing with severe arthritis pain

February 1st, 2019

Ask the Mentors


  • Do we need to send case notes in for Final oral exam
  • Do we retest every 40-60 days for BH205
  • What is the best way to re-establish balance of steroid hormones without using hormone drops
  • Caller: SIBO and Elemental Diet

February 8th, 2019

Ask the Mentors


  • Lesson question, module 3 Reed talks about “you would want to run a Pathogen screen and the food sensitivity test on just about everybody.” Is that period or if the client is only highly symptomatic
  • Caller: Suggestions for Marcons
  • When treating for H-pylori or other parasites, do you stop usage of hormone program enhancers
  • Client Case: 23 yo with EBV
  • Caller: How permanent are food sensitivities

February 15th, 2019

Ask the Mentors


  • When looking at the 205 Comparison, how is low deviation from the idea cortisol pattern indicate greater adrenal dysfunction and exhaustion
  • Go to supplements to improve immune system
  • Caller: Tips to help clients that work night shift
  • What is the best way to time taking the BH401H and the Genova IP? Will taking the interfase for the 401H mess with the Genova IP result

February 22nd, 2019

Ask the Mentors


  • Caller: 22 yo, female with KPU, GI issues
  • When providing a client with a new 90 day protocol sheet after the initial 90 days has passed, would we just put the supplements we intend for the client to remain on from the previous protocol in the order they were previously, while adding or removing any intended changes to the protocol? What’s the best way to indicate “Stay on this, no need to sequence or titrate because you are already taking it” but then also indicate the need to sequence additions to the protocol
  • I am looking to schedule my first onboarding practice session but I have not yet completed my R&R. Do I have to do the R&R before I can move ahead with the rest of the practicals
  • Stool Culture for Pathogens…So when we see intestinal microflora on stool culture it might be light, moderate or abundant…. do all 3 of these indicate dysbiosis: light moderate or abundant, and if a person did not have dysbiosis how would that read under stool culture
  • Caller: Trouble getting saliva for 205

March 1st, 2019

Ask the Mentors


  • I am about to do my midterm practical with Frank, but when it comes to the DRESS for Health Success protocol I have some questions that will also help me with with my future clients: 1) should we share the DRESS for Health Success Guide by Reed in the email we sent or is this something we want to guide them through in our session and maybe send it to them later? 2) should we have our client´s DRESS for Health Success written down in an word document for them to have and attached in the email as well?
  • MRT and IgG testing and what patterns have you observed
  • Has the adrenal stress causes (ASC) form been replaced by the Metabolic Chaos (MC) scorecard

March 8th, 2019

Ask the Mentors


  • Caller: Questions about H. Pylori Protocol and titration
  • Caller: Comparing food sensitivity testing, Metabolic Typing training, CBD oil opinion
  • Caller: addressing High estrogen
  • Caller: Metabolic Typing updated report
  • Caller: On-boarding a new client that’s educated and taking many supplements

March 15th, 2019

Ask the Mentors


  • Is Biocidin a full-spectrum pathogen eradicator? Meaning does it take care of parasites, as much as it does bacteria and fungus/yeasts all in one?
  • Looking for thoughts on first line options of probiotics for clients. I know we don’t like to generalize however I have come across something that made all the Difference in the world for me which is spore based probiotics such as what BioBotanicals offer. For years and I means years all sorts of practitioners tried to get me on all sorts of probiotics because I needed them but I always responded horrifically to every type. Several sinus migraine that then would last for 1-3 weeks straight. I never understood why until recently and most likely it’s been SIBO. So thoughts on, while waiting for testing to come back, would it error on the side of caution to start the client on a spore based until we see there stool results and more on possible SIBO? Then rotate into the lacto and bifidus route as we do healing…? I have responded very well in spore based but I always have seen that should only be about a three month approach! Again I recognize to be careful to generalize but it does seem like most practitioners get the clients on probiotics pretty quick in the protocol.
  • I have been hesitating asking this question b/c I’m on M8 & feel I should know the answer but I don’t know that I’m clear on why we start with the 205 & 101 before testing micro-biome, food sensitivities & mucosal barrier function. Either point me to where I can go to understand this or provide a clear, detailed answer here, thx!
  • For those of you that have clients with Crohn’s Disease, what have been your greatest insights into this condition and what has been the experience of your client’s?
  • For someone with an egg allergy, which biofilm buster would we suggest besides interfase? On the protocol sheet Melatonin prolonged release can be found both under supporting mucosal barrier and also under supporting adrenals. I understand the use to support adrenals taking it at night pretty well, wondering the impact of the recommend the dosage (2-3 per day) for the support digestion/ assimilation during the day. Will it make a person slow? groggy?

March 22nd, 2019

No Friday Call this week!


March 29th, 2019

Ask the Mentors


  • Is it beneficial for us to attend the FDN webinars? I’ve been on the FDN mailing list for some time and have attended a lot of them in the past, but now that I am enrolled as a student, I was wondering if we still should attend.
  • Caller: Use of L-glutamine for gut support
  • Thinking about my upcoming Personal Intake forms. At the moment my body and mind are in a good place, which means i have NO Main Complaint to speak off, OK maybe a slightly dodgy knee. So I guess I will complete the form as per my conditions?

April 5th, 2019


  • Caller: Suggestions for helping client with eating disorder that doesn’t want to test.
  • I’m a Active Adult Fitness Trainer, means I train clients mainly over 60. Recently I arranged a Bone Density company to test some of my clients at my Gym, most were good to amazing, but one lady at 77 who has been diagnosed with Celiac disease scored badly, in fact, she has the early stages of Osteoporosis. She seems so strong in my classes. I’m 75% through my course, I can’t treat her, is there anything I can offer her should I leave it to her Doctor. Can this be a question for the Friday Calls? I guess there’s no maximum age for a willing client to be treated as an FDN client?
  • Comments on working with the elderly.  And question about MS.

April 12th, 2019


  • In which lesson can I find info about the Brain/Body diagram? Total mental block (and doesn’t help that I’m currently sick!). I have searched this group and found multiple different answers. One didn’t lead me to the right place so I thought I’d ask… thanks!
  • I just COMPLETELY butchered my elevator speech when a friend asked me what I was up to. Have you practiced yours? What does yours sound like?
  • Caller: High estrogen and mold exposure
  • Caller: Personal trainer and Stay-At-Home-Mom asking about working out of home office

April 19th, 2019


April 26th, 2019


May 3rd, 2019


  • Comments on handling and processing new information and advanced labs
  • Caller: How to order from Bio-botanical Research
  • After doing a 90-day parasite cleanse, but going a little longer for good measure, can the h. Pylori protocol be started, and the Pylori-X be added and taken at the same time as the Paracid-X?

May 10th, 2019


  • Caller – Fight, Flight, or Freeze concept
  • Caller: How to address Diet with a ethical vegan
  • Caller: How do you set up your packages/programs?
  • Caller: comments on veganism

May 17th, 2019


  • Hey! Anyone got any thoughts on Intelligent Allapathy (Group A) for belching/burping – Seems to come up alot in our practical clients.. is it just a digestion symptom? Is there anything else than digestive enzymes that you would suggest?
  • Can Brendan and Brandon address “OTHER” possible protocols for dealing with gut pathogens for those who are reactive to Biocidin or precluded from using because of allergies or sensitivity (Black walnut, tea tree, garlic, mushrooms, oregano)!  Christina had a post yesterday about this situation and neither clinic nor other FDNs offered suggestions.
  • Caller: First client, male, high stress.  If on a budget, what do I test?
  • Caller: MRT and tyramine

May 24th, 2019


  • Caller question – Help with client that has MS
  • Caller question – Client has an older DUTCH test should you use the older test or have your client test again?

May 31st, 2019


  • SIBO and Protocols
  • Caller question
  • How to promote yourself
  • Caller – Advice on continuing education

June 7th, 2019

No call this week


June 14th, 2019


  • Caller: Finding a doctor to refer to
  • Caller: Suggestion for finding a doctor to refer to
  • I’m looking for some insight on ADHD in children. I know there is an option to buy the ADD/ADHD lecture package, but I’m looking for more training with regards to ADD/ADHD specifically in kids. For example, what lab tests would you recommend (205, 101, 110?) what supplement protocol would you recommend? And how would you correlate their symptoms/complaints with our lab findings? Thanks in advance for your thoughts!


June 21st, 2019


  • Caller: Does my health have to be perfect before I go into business?
  • Logical sequence of learning with the FDN Course

June 28th, 2019

No call this week

July 5th, 2019

No Show this week


July 12th, 2019


1.  I’m a little confused about reading the 205 for a woman who has stopped menstruating… Reed says “just run it”. Do we look at the results the same way we would if they ran it on day 19-21 of a regular cycle to establish estrogen dominance or other imbalances?
2.  For the adrenal stress profile test, I know we are supposed to test on day 21, however, if we have very little spotting a few days before our periods begin we we start counting on the day the spotting starts? Or the full on bleeding?
3.  In on of the M2 videos, Reed mentioned that they were working on an excel sheet that could automatically calculate which phase a client was in. Did that ever come to fruition?
4.  I’m working on my on-boarding session with Brad.For the package that I discuss, do I need to have just one package that I go into detail on? Or, do I tell him about different package choices that he can choose from? I have another question, too. Just to clarify, when the client gets the lab kits shipped to them, they fill out the payment info on the form that they send back with the kit…correct?
5.  Caller:  Tips on finding the right business coach
6.  I just finished a consultation with a client. She is suffering from extreme fatigue and has had a rash on her hands that is red and blisters. She said she has had if for years. She has been to multiple dermatologists that just give her medication but no diagnosis. She has seen an allergist that thinks it is a form of eczema or could be linked to an autoimmune disorder. But they have done no further autoimmune testing. I want to make sure I start her off with the most beneficial lab work to get to the bottom of why she is having these flare ups especially since the MD’s have no answers. I was thinking starting with GI Map. Does anyone have any experience with a case like this or potential insight on any other labs that may be beneficial to start with? Thank you


July 19th, 2019


1.  Caller:  Do you fine-tune Metabolic Type using Diet Check Record sheet while on pathogen protocol?

2.  So in module 3 when Reed starts going over the 205A page 2 and case studies, he says that he only asks the client for one main complaint instead of asking about all of their complaints. Can someone explain why? Don’t we want to know everything that they are experiencing so we can give them a good protocol?
3.  I am looking everywhere for the doctor referral to send to your clients when somethings found on the 401H I’ve looked everywhere in FTN docs and I can’t find it? Can anyone help me please?
4.  Hey guys! I am preparing for my practical 1 and I have a couple questions. In the sample email I’m supposed to send before the session it states that I should attach the hormone check record as well as order forms for Biohealth and ultra life. I can’t seem to find these files anywhere and I don’t remember them being discussed in my R&R with my mentor or in the sample practical audio… anyone know where I can find them and what I am supposed to do with them In the session?
5.  I am preparing an upcoming talk, and would like to offer a FREE lab test, like the HTMA. Has anyone else done this, given away a lab kit as a promotion. If so, how do you handle the rest…like your time (preparing analysis on the results)? Do you charge them for that? Not sure if it is do-able.
6.  Does the test comparison worksheet work with any laboratory? I’m in Mexico City and I’ve found a functional lab that has almost the same tests as BioHealth… so I’m wondering if the worksheet could work with this too!
7.  If someone has shown improvement with hormone support (drops) and is now at the 12 week point of having taken these, do we start to titrate them off or keep going if it looks like they might benefit from a bit more improvement? how long is it ok to keep them on these? at what point do we see if their body can keep it up, especially if other contributors to hormone dysregulation, like stress etc, are more under control and other markers are falling into line AND they report feeling better/symptom improvement (including hormone related symptoms) even though hormone numbers look like they could do a little better? thanks for any help!

July 26th, 2019


1.  Follow Up question on the MRT testing, the video indicates you can retest for sensitivities after a period of time. Can someone help understand how the retest works from a practical standpoint. If someone is showing high sensitivities and then they go through protocols to help heal the gut can that then cause them to not be sensitive to those foods and they could possibly reintroduce? It is a change in mindset as far as a true allergy that you have to avoid so just wanted some more understanding!

2.  What is the process for reviewing lab work (as a new student)?
Lab says it goes back to FDN then… ?
3.  Question about DIM Pro: would you put it in a protocol where the client was not estrogen dominant or having weight gain issues but rather for general SH balance? Plan to put Adapt Align in there already. 40 male with low testosterone, high progesterone on 205A. Almost perfect cortisol pattern with relative rise in morning. Thoughts?
4.  Hello everyone I was wondering how to order Bio botanical research products for clients. there seems to be no order form for Bio botanical research like there is for biometric and ultra life. I am assuming I emailed each individual company. With an order form Is that right? Sorry I feel like this is a stupid question.
5.  205 directions say do not eat or drink 1 hr before…is this just the 1st collection or is that the rule for all four?
6.  Caller: Advanced dementia, how to handle

August 2nd, 2019



1.  Caller: Vital void of missing prostate

2.  Hey! I am listening to July 26th Friday call and I think it’s Brandon who talks about how St. John’s wort facilitates phase 3 detox and then he talks about how something else inhibits phase 3 but I can’t figure out what he said. It sounds like “kirksman” and I looked it up and couldn’t find it. I obviously don’t know about this plant/herb so if someone could let me know that’d be good for my notes!! Also, he said milk thistle has shown to inhibit phase 3 so we shouldn’t take/recommend milk thistle for liver detox? Thanks!
3.  How do you describe what you will be doing/ how you will be treating clients as an FDN-P? I’m struggling explaining this to my mother and a few others and I keep hearing “so you’ll be like a naturopath but without the doctor license “ and “oh so I kind of like a personal trainer?”
4.  Caller: Food sensitivity testing – all have value but not consistency


August 9th, 2019



–  I am coming to my tribe for more help. I have a potential client with 5th auto-immune disorder. I have never heard of this? Can someone enlighten on this issue? She also has Reynaud’s, Sjogren’s, celiac, dairy intolerance, fibromyalgia, Hashimoto’s, arthritis, osteopenia. I am looking at food sensitivity testing, Gi-map, 101. and IP Test. Any other suggestions? Thanks.
– Anyone here well versed in considerations during breastfeeding.  Mom was pumped full of antibiotics during pregnancy for UTI’s.  Any insight into how to heal mom and baby’s gut and microbiome?
– I’m learning about labs outside of the FDN 5 such as OAT, Dutch, and GI Map by watching the training videos. But it seems these should replace the original 5 vs being add-ons? I’m transitioning back to FDN after a couple years off to do more college so any input on the newest info and recommendations is appreciated.
– Caller – Client with Oxalate issues, can vitamin C make things worse? Follow up questions, how do I help my client with gut healing during an H.Pylori protocol with their doctor (Triple Therapy)?


August 16th, 2019

  • Good afternoon, Is there a document that goes into greater depth on the descriptions for the supplement protocol? I would like have more knowledge for why, when and how to use.
  • Package question. How often do you do coaching calls with your clients in a 90 day program? I am trying to figure out the package with appointments and online coaching support. Do you schedule a weekly call or every two weeks for R & R while keeping them accountable and motivated with emails?
  • “What technically qualifies as fatigue? Because I feel like that’s a specific term that I don’t feel like I actually know how it’s defined. I mean, I love to sleep but doesn’t everyone like to sleep? What’s the difference between being tired (like we all are here in this city) and actually being fatigued?”
  •  It is recommended to take Interfase Plus for 2 weeks before doing the 401H test. Are there any side effects to taking the full dose from day 1 or should we start with a lower dose and work up?


August 23rd, 2019

  • Does anyone know what would help a 15yr old female with endometriosis? May I ask this on the call? I understand on not a grad yet but just curious.
  •  Is “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” the same as HPA Axis Dysfunction or they are different?
  • Caller: Brendan’s upcoming Masterclass
  • Caller: Increased symptoms from mold in fall/autumn

August 30th, 2018

1. It is true that is not possible to live without cortisol and that we would die if we wouldn’t have any cortisol left? How about those people who get a flatline in the BH205?

2. What day of the “cycle” would you recommend for doing the 205A to a someone with this characteristics:

Female, had an hysterectomy 3 years ago, but started “bleeding” every month a year ago. She recently found out that a piece of her cervix was not extracted. So technically she doesn’t have the period but is bleeding every month.

3. Caller: Reviewing course after graduating 5 years ago. Where to start?

4. Caller: Importance of proper breathing for stress reduction

5. Caller: Meaning of low SIGA on DSL GI Map

September 6th, 2019


1. Caller: What to do when potential client has already completed “alot of testing”

2. Caller: When to use Organic Acids Test?

3. Caller: When to recommend a SIBO test?

4. Caller: Helping 11 yo boy with low energy, cough

September 13th, 2019


1. When to run an OAT panel

2. Caller: Combining MRT and AIP diet

3. How to work with heavy metals

September 20th, 2019

1.  Another question- when reviewing the questions asked in the medical history – how do we interpret their answers and use the information in our investigation? Or do we just use this info in our case notes to share with advisors? I know in other programs we use a manual that explained what the questions and answers meant or how they impact the individuals health.

2.  Hey, I was just browsing through follow up docs and there are many self assessments. The question is – so what? There are no benchmarks. Am I to assume that if they score anything on these they could have these issues? Seems like the ‘symptoms’ could relate to numerous things, surely we have a benchmark to understand this. Or is it just a recording device when one knows they have a diagnosed issue – such a thyroid issues.

3.  Okay, I am gradually working on my Practical client BRAD. When we are reviewing a client’s medical history form- do we focus on the items currently ranked 4-5 or any item they score?

4. Hi Just preparing for my “on-boarding” role play. One question – Explain How I Work as an FDN. In M12 – L! video slide Reed brushes over this question, so I guess the answer would be something like this
“As you heard at my workshop recently as a Functional Diagnostic Practitioner we never diagnose conditions or treat symptoms instead we run a series of well-chosen lab tests which give an insight into the HIDDEN Stressors your body may be experiencing. The labs give us a better picture of how your body is functioning in these key areas We then work together as I explain and hopefully educate you a little about the results of lab tests and how they correlate with how you are feeling at present…
Is this too much? From here I tell the client how we charge?


September 27th, 2018

October 4th, 2019


Special Guest Glen Depke from BioHealth Laboratories!


October 11th, 2019


Special Guest Lara Adler!


October 18th, 2019


Special Guest Kendra Perry!


October 25th, 2019

November 1st, 2019

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November 8th, 2019


1. I’m at the point in the course where we need to download and fill out and send back intake forms. How do we do this using Apple based products which most of us do these days and these files are not supported on Apple devices?

2. Caller: Understanding the inverted Cortisol to DHEA ratio (C:DHEA)

3. Caller: Best practices when dealing with h pylori

4. Caller: How to use the Hormone Check Record sheet (HCR)

November 15th, 2019


1. HHP Cert

2. Get Health Store- Get your own store!

3. FDN Materials given in the course, how to use in your practice.

4. Staying focused on the FDN basics

5. Healing Behaviors

November 22nd, 2019


1. Caller: What does it mean to be an FDN-P in “poor standing”?

2. Caller: What is our MLM policy as FDN-Ps?

3. Caller: Balancing dietary recommendations

4. Caller: How do you determine which liver support to recommend?

5. Caller: Using Interfase Plus in preparation for 401H

6. Caller: When to retest MRT

7. Caller: Best practices for getting supplements to clients

8. Caller: Do I put package pricing on my website?

November 30th, 2018

<no show this week>

December 6th, 2019


1. I am looking for some FDN resources on heavy metals. Can someone point me to a Friday Call or other resources that speak to heavy metals from the FDN prospective? Thanks!
2.  Caller: Recommended resources for heavy metal detox training
3.  Caller: Experience using Bio-botanical Research / Biocidin products.
4.  Caller: What to do when basic DRESS is not enough?


December 13th, 2019


1.  Caller: Best technology platform for creating your own online course

2.  Caller: Best binders for mold

3.  Caller: Questions on MDP shipping charges

4.  Caller: How to prioritize a complicated case

5.  Caller: Tips on Practical #1 documents

6.  Caller: Including questions about mold on our intake forms


December 20th, 2019


  1. Brick and mortar vs. virtual biz model
  2. How to reach your ideal client
  3. Considerations for Niche’ing
  4. How to build brand reputation
  5. Packages and package structure