2020 DIVI CNV – 2016 Friday Calls

January 8, 2016


60:00 Reed Intro and Welcome

58:04 Graduates

56:30 Reed doing a Webinar with Steve Wright on How To Build Your Practice

55:55 Practitioner Spotlight:  Beginning Interview with Jenn Culver Malecha

55:12 Brandon asking Question: “Since you travel so much where are you calling in from today?”

54:L33 Brandon asking Question: “How did you find FDN?”

52:18 Jenn speaking on:  Started noticing allergies, ear infections, fatigue

50:13 Brandon asking Question: “Your FDN test Results.  What did they show you?”

48:10 Jenn sharing how results have shifted with the work:  “Lipid Peroxides from +7 to around a 1!”

47:50 Reed commending:  Commending Jen on practicing what you preach.

46:20 Jenn discussing K9 testing.  How she has used FDN on her dog and has seen significant health changes.

45:00 Brandon asking Question:  “List a few things/principals/’ah ha” moments that stood out for you when taking FDN”.

43:00 Jenn: Telling your clients, “You are unique, therefore your diet needs to be unique to you”.

40:25 To Reed:  “how did D (Diet) and R (Rest) come about?

39:49 Brandon asking Question:  “How do you talk to potential clients about what you do? “

36:20 Jenn:  Making 3 main points to share that simplify what you do as a FDN-P.

28:40 Jenn:  The importance of following up with the 90 day protocol and testing.

28:11 Brandon asking Question:  Who do you usually work with?  Who is your clientele?

27:16 Brandon asking Question:  “What is a common thread found in who you work with?”

24:45 Reed:  “The market for ‘us’ is growing exponentially”

21:25 Reed:  “Buy your vitamin clerk a ham sandwich”.

19:15 Brandon asking Question:  “How do you work?  What do you programs look like?”

13:50 Jen:  Discussing welcome gifts to clients who do her programs.

9:45  Jen:  Working Smarter not Harder.  Taking on 2-3 clients/month

8:50 Reed:  How he started with 2-3 kits and move to 5 kits.  Learning how your beliefs can inhibit how you work.



January 15, 2016


00 – Welcome from Reed, Reed talks about Practitioner Liberation Project webinar

02 – Reed discusses webinar with FDN grad, Wendy Myers. Reed discusses featuring FDN-P and positive feedback about them

04 Reed mentions future membership program and the upcoming post grad program

06 – FDN graduates

07 – Brandon askes, “Would you run a BH 101 on a 4 or 5 year old?
Reed answers – The importance of having the full picture of your client and why running this test may be beneficial on a child. Reed discusses “Moving the case forward”. Reed discusses lack of reference ranges for young children. The size of a child verses an adult liver. How using labs can help parents adhere to your recommendations. With 8-12 year olds, use the MRT, 401H, 101, don’t bother with IP. Brandon talks about his experience working with children

15 – Brandon asks about significance of the question on ASC form about braces on teeth and how that may contribute to metabolic chaos. Older braces verses newer braces. Reducing stress and it’s importance. Brandon discusses how braces and jaw size can hurt health

22 – Sally calls in and is a chapter leader for the Weston A Price Foundation and talks about the significance of braces and how it affects the jaw.Nourishedandnurtured.com – blog about alternatives to braces – search braces and see her series of articles

22 – Sally talks about her experience with Braces

23 – Reed talks about dentist Melvin Page and how he used his Page diet originally.

24 – How breastfeeding creates a wide pallet and why bottles can be detrimental

27 – Brandon asks about Reed’s experience with oddball bacterial infections like Klebsiella

31 – Is Klebsiella a result of metabolic chaos?

32 – How the danger of the pathogenic infection depends on the health of the individual

33 – Brandon discusses the importance of correlation and forming your impression for the Verbal Final Exam

35 – How bugs exude toxins and how this affects the body

36 – Kendra asks “How contagious are parasites and bacterial infections?”
Reed discusses the importance or testing family members or just going ahead and treating them.

37 – Research done on bathroom surfaces and the fecal oral route.

39 – Reed talks about leaning towards being thorough. Transmission of parasites through water.

40 – Brandon says to consider testing family members if the person isn’t getting better after protocol.

41 – Brandon asks, “Client showed up positive for H. Pylori on the 401H and client had a panic attack and extreme overwhelm – how does a practitioner handle this?

43 – Brandon speaks about how good it should make a person feel to get these answers and why seeking out professional help might be a good move.

44 – Reed speaks about finding out more information, how was this client previous to the H. Pylori and case management

46 – Reed – how adrenals are connected to mineral corticoids

47 – Reed – FDN Protocols are based on strong principals

49 – How you can’t help clients who can’t follow simple instructions

50 – Reed talks about the benefit of EFT

51 – The importance of coaching skills and the HMBA program

52 – Brandon asks a business question – “New FDN starting up new business – benefits of incorporating? How to set things up?”
Reed answers – keep it simple, register company name (Fictitious business name statement) and open up bank account. Reed talks about manage funds in your business, Filing a 1040 and Schedule C, and Money management.

58 – Reed’s Business tips



January 22, 2016


Intro: Reed discussing the FDN philosophy/paradigm and what sets us apart from other traditional methods.

3:30 Basic trouble-shooting (doubling down on DRESS)

4:30 Pushing the threshold of what a “health coach” can do w/ new FDN material and video tutorials.

6:00 The importance of the feedback Reed gets about the Friday calls

6:15 – 14:30 Reed continues to discuss trouble-shooting & doubling down on DRESS;

Brandon announces graduates

15:00 – Question: How do you go about weaning off PPI’s with supplements to increase stomach acid? (already ruled out Hpylori). Want client to start taking HCL but takes PPI’s.

29:00 – Live Question: Can Reed speak to hyper-parathyroidism

47:30 – Question: I have a client with a total cortisol of 9.5 for the whole day. I mentioned that he might want to get tested for Addison’s since that was what the FDN program suggests…his basic blood labs don’t have anything out of range. He doesn’t seem to have the other typical symptoms of Addison’s other than the low cortisol.

54:30 – Question from caller. How does the cyclical drop of progesterone before menses set off the inflammatory cascade that triggers migraines.



January 29, 2016


Welcome Christa Orecchio!

3:20 – Full endorsement of Gut Thrive program

4:30 – Christa’s philosophy behind healing the gut from a genetic perspective

5:15 – Step 1 – Slash inflammation

7:00 – Description of the “inflammation set-point”

13:00 – Reed’s personal story about coffee, tea, and overdosing on cream

15:15 – Step 2 – Pathogen purge and the antiquated approach to addressing pathogens and imbalances in the microbiome

22:00 – Discussion of the consequences of the overuse of antibiotics

26:00 – Step 3 – Reseeding with good bacteria and the specific bacterial strains that Christa recommends

35:00 – Discussion of biofilms

38:00 – Step 4 – Restoration of stomach acid

45:00 – Impact of terraforming

48:00 – 80/20 maintenance

49:45 – Details for the webinar this Wednesday, 2/3


February 5, 2016


Welcome Lara Adler!

– Environmental Toxins: The scope of the problem, and why practitioners need to be better informed

– Ways that chemicals can interfere with our delicate hormonal system

– High doses vs. low doses: why low doses matter

– Top areas to start working with clients on reducing exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals

– Important considerations for how to talk to clients about environmental chemicals



February 12, 2016


Practitioner Spotlight – Maggie Reinke

1:15 –    Brandon discussed Lesson 8 update – Testing food sensitivities. Sample consults now available – Midterm, Lesson 6, Lesson 7, Grads will have full access to these, trainees will need to take the quizzes to have access.

2:20 –    Brandon announced Grads.

3:25 –    Brandon Introduces Maggie Reinke.

5:25 –    Maggie’s background – what brought her to FDN. Maggie’s symptoms were abdominal pain, bloating, and digestive issues. She worked at a research hospital – wanted to get out of research and do something she was more passionate about.

7:00 –    Maggie worked with Chris Kresser – helped her to feel better and she enjoyed the process.

8:00 –    Wants to help people more, research less.

12:00 – FDN testing on herself helped her to understand better (not just depend on someone else to tell her what to do), it helped her to take responsibility for her own health. Maggie tries to educate her clients now so it gives them power to help themselves and to heal.  She wants to help clients to learn to think for themselves.

15:50 – Maggie says she learned when to stop giving info to the client – sometimes it was too much information for them.

17:00 – Maggie learned that some clients couldn’t take all the information she was giving all at once.  She remembered she made all these changes over years.

18:15 – She tailors the education to the individual.

20:00 – She discussed who she works with.

21:50 – Conditions she sees a lot/How she works with people: 1-Foods (right and wrong foods for them), 2-Digestion, Gut – labs to assess and help them make the changes. She has some complicated cases where there are several practitioners involved.

27:30 – The biggest challenges/obstacles she comes up against when working with people: 1) Financial – a lot of the time it’s people’s priorities needing to be shifted. 2) Changing the way people eat – it’s a HUGE shift in thinking for some people.  Some are more willing to make lifestyle changes over food changes.

32:00 – She asks her clients questions to help them come to the conclusion on their own.

34:20 – How she thought she was going to work, isn’t how it worked out.  She found the people she was working with really needed coaching.

38:00 – She found it to be very helpful to by clear from the beginning with clients about what to expect.

39:00 – She talked about how your system won’t be perfect from the start – it will change as you gain more experience and knowledge.

44:00 – She decided to face her fears of public speaking so she would have the opportunity to help more people in her community.

46:00 – Outflow affects your inflow – Get out of your comfort zone and you will grow – that is KEY in being successful.

54:40 – Marketing – what she uses right now is word of mouth, referrals, other practitioners – she is looking into diversifying this.

56:00 – In the beginning of starting her business everything was hard because it was so new.  Slowly building the business has been good for her – Steadily increasing over time so she could maintain balance in her life

57:00 – She had to set boundaries for herself because she wants to learn and study so much. What you have and where you’re at right now is enough to help a lot of people out there.



February 19, 2016


Bill Wolcott’s help and history with FDN Course development

FDN and Metabolic Typing approach compared to other symptom-based approaches

Genetic potential and vitalism

2×4, sawhorse, and brick analogy

Degenerative disease occurs over time because the body can’t resolve the stress

The stairway to health

Poor health is abnormal

No fulfillment in treating symptoms or test results; only in discovering root cause

False sense of security when only treating symptoms

If you are defending, you are depleting

Any symptom or any disease can arise from any stressor or number of stressors

Education of the client is our greatest work

Stick with and trust in the process

Right expectations and client motivation come from right understanding

Clients need to have faith in the process

It’s okay to threaten to fire a client if they are not compliant

The more difficult the health challenge, the more strict you have to be as a practitioner

Bill’s opinion of genetic testing/MTHFR


February 26, 2016



5:00 – Graduates

5:45 – FDN course keeps improving

7:00 – Post-grad support, need for a grad space with membership & case studies

13:00 – “Any clients of your ever experience ravenous hunger while going through a parasite protocol? I’m usually not a fan of calorie counting but she’s requesting guidance since she feels her hunger hormones are out of whack.”

20:30 – Would you give a 16 yr old Support Adrenals if she has Phase 3 adrenal dysfunction?

25:00 – Relief care vs. corrective care and FDN

29:00 – Brain body diagram, how FDN’s work

30:00 – Running the Genova IP test when MRT came out sensitive to milk.  “MRT came out sensitive to milk. How much of a problem would it be to run the intestinal permeability test?”

33:00 – Forming and impression versus clinical diagnosis

37:50 – Immunolabs sub fraction food sensitivity testing, IgG

39:00 – Candida and H. Pylori protocol “ I started the Candida diet and cleanse 2 weeks ago, today I found out I have H Pylori. Do you think I can continue the Candida Diet/protocol and start the H Pylori protocol. I would love to do them together but not sure.”

40:30 – Commission on ordering labs, PLP, how FDN’s charge for kits “I have had an FDN Practitioner ask me whether I knew why we don’t get commissions on lab tests.   The question has come about because in Jordan and Steve’s promo materials for their PLP course, they discuss the extra income they have made in this way.”

44:00 – Medications, pharmaceuticals, getting off of meds safely “I am considering some potential clients that are using pharmaceuticals.  I know we can never tell a person to come off pharmaceuticals or change their dosing but I was under the impression there was to be some education or examples given on how to deal with clients that wish to come off their drugs, especially SSRIs. Do you have any experience with this or how do you handle conversations around the drugs or do you have a network of doctors you know that will titrate clients off. “

52:00 – Caller, bovine adrenal if sensitive to beef on MRT

55:00 – Julie from MA, re-testing hormones, interpreting re-tests, cortisol-cortisone-licorice root

March 4, 2016


5:00 – Bridgit Danner’s experience specializing in fertility

9:00 – Infertility: The good, the bad, and the ugly. Effects on emotions and relationships.

12:00 – Results take time, set realistic expectations

16:00 – Infertility increasing.  Having babies later in life.

19:00 – Ways FDN is really great at addressing fertility issues

22:00 – What are some things we might overlook, as FDNs, when it comes to fertility? Developmental, anatomical, or structural issues, inflammation, age of client

27:00 – What are some of your favorite foods for fertility?  Whole, high fat, lower carb, quality animal proteins, seeds and nuts, leafy greens, butter, gluten-free

30:00 – Exercise for infertility.  Burst/high intensity for men to increase testosterone.  Women choose frequency over intensity, less sitting, watch too much running or crossfit

32:00 – Stress reduction, acupuncture, massage, spa retreat/TLC

33:00 – Supplements for infertility.

36:00 –  What should new practitioners in the field of fertility know? Niche marketing

38:00 – Caller: FDN + IVF

44:00 – Caller: How FDN can help after failed IVF

48:00 – Caller: Reasons for early menopause

52:00 – Women’s Wellness Summit, April 11th, 2016, 35 experts including Reed!



March 11, 2016


3:30: Case Management Question re: female who has been taking BC for 20+ years and is committed to staying on them.

15:00: Question re: Celiac client w/ significant dietary restrictions and food sensitivities who is in involuntary ketosis. How best to help her get out of a ketogenic state

28:00: The use of DIM when clients are taking hormone supplementation

33:30: MRT; avoidance of external application of MRT yellow and red foods. Also, guidelines for re-testing.

39:45: Recommendation for effective non-toxic store bought or home-made deodorant



March 18, 2016


6:00  Promote and produce – 2 things all businesses have to do.

14:00  Caller – Low number of reactive foods on MRT and Rx.  Do an elimination diet and work on other areas

25:00  Caller – Research on bedtime by 10pm recommendation – chinese medicine, observation, circadian rhythm and night-shift worker studies, www.howsleepworks.com

30:00  Caller – Effects of breast implants on health, hormones, lymph

39:00  Caller – filtering drinking water, Zero Water Filter

45:00  Is the Genova IP test a doctor-diagnosable test?  Have the results been correlated with biopsies or otherwise confirmed to correctly show leaky gut or are the results mainly theoretical (i.e. if lactulose is high, leaky gut is should be present)?  I’m not a doctor and I know we don’t diagnose anyway, but I’m mainly asking more b/c I’m curious about how the labs go through validation.

53:00  Selling packages – 5 labs vs 3 + 2 on occasion.  Diagnose and treat vs investigate and recommend



March 25, 2016


10 Questions Every Entrepreneur Should Ask Themselves with David J. Miller

2:00  David’s Intro

14:00  Do I have enough in savings to withstand 3 months of no sales?

23:00  Is it hard for me to save money?

26:00  What happens to my financial plan if I can’t work for a few years?

29:00  Am I taking advantage of all the legal ways to reduce my income tax today?

34:00  Am I building assets that will provide tax-free income in the future?

38:00  Is my Financial Advisor a broker or a fiduciary? ie does he get paid on commissions, or on a fee-basis?

45:00  Do I have too much in cash? How much is too much, and what’s a better use for it?

47:00  What happens to my family if I pass away prematurely?

49:00  How much should I be saving for the long-term? What’s my “number’’?

56:00 David’s contact info

April 1, 2016


Special Guest Dr. Bryan Walsh

6:00  Being selective on who you work with

13:00  Different types of practitioners

16:00  Take an inventory of who you are as a practitioner.  You can’t be all things to all people, but there is room for all types/styles of practitioner

18:00  Working primarily based on referrals

19:00  Looking healthy on outside, but not on inside.  Diet and exercise not enough.

20:00  Fat Is Not Your Fault history.  Dr. Walsh’s fitness background, lies of fitness industry, discovering weight loss with clients without exercise

24:00  Healthy body = healthy body weight.  Diet and exercise will work better when other pathways are fixed.

25:00  Good effort just wrong focus. High cortisol messing everything up.

29:00  Belly fat issue

31:00  Reducing cortisol using phosphatidylserine, immune system connection

32:00  Treating test results vs asking “why” / reasons for it

33:00  People present differently.  Any symptoms from any stressor.  No specific protocols for specific condition.  If get good results, great; if little to no results, look deeper and at different pathways.  Become a good practitioner so you don’t have to rely solely on lab results.

36:00  Reed’s one diagnosis: Metabolic Chaos.  General principles vs specific treatments

37:00  Ask “why”.  Diagnosis will handcuff and limit a practitioner

42:00  Great vs mediocre practitioners ask “why” and not just raising or lowering something.  Could it be protective or could you be harming someone if you only focus on raising or lowering a number?

45:00  Don’t treat the test results; they are not the problem, they are the result of the problem.

46:00  Truth about Adrenal Fatigue.  Multiple physiological reasons for low cortisol.  It’s adrenal suppression not inefficiency.

52:00  Be humble, willing to learn and change and admit when wrong

55:00  Fat Is Not Your Fault and Metabolic Fitness both great courses, good reviews, the course Dr. Walsh wished he had when he started


April 8, 2016


Practitioner Spotlight with Rick Gold, find out more about Rick here.


April 22, 2016


Special Guest Karen Hubert CNHP, NC is the clinical consultant for Bio-botanical Research. She has been in the field of natural health for over 20 years. After healing herself from a dramatic illness she trained as a nutritionist and health coach, lecturer in health food stores and churches. She formerly worked in three medical offices as well as Great Plains Lab for 8 years. For the length of her health career she has focused on gut health, infection and mental health. Her clinical coaching style was to validate the client as a former patient herself, keep it simple, inspire compliance to stay the course to success. Karen presently assists practitioners with the application of Biocidin and the support products from their company line up.


April 29, 2016

Topics: Special Guest Steven Wright

Steve’s Bio: Steven Wright is a health engineer and author. After overcoming IBS, Acne and Asthma he started SCDlifestyle.com in 2009 with Jordan Reasoner to help people who struggled with health issues like him. Together they’ve sold over $7 Million worth of products online and helped 10,000s of people get healthier. Now he’s focused on helping other health business owners reach and impact more lives through thepractitionerliberationproject.com.

May 6, 2016

Topics: Special Dr. Jess Armine

Dr. Jess Armine’s Bio:

Dr. Jess P. Armine holds licenses as a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Registered Nurse. He is trained in Chiropractic, Methylation, Genetic Research, Neuro-Endo-Immunology, Functional Medicine, Nutrigenomics, Applied Kinesiology, Cranial Manipulation, and Nutritional Counseling. He has been a health care provider for over 38 years.

Via his experience and eclectic training, he has a broad based knowledge of traditional and alternative/complementary health care. He has treated many clients with Chronic Illnesses, Multiple Chemical Sensivities, MTHFR issues, PANDAS, Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Pain, Gastrointestinal Imbalances (Leaky Gut), Autistic Spectrum Disorders, and more!

Find out more at http://methylationsupport.com/dev/


May 13, 2016


Practitioner Spotlight with Kimball Willson, find out more about Kimball here.


May 20, 2016

Topics: Ask the Mentors!

What do your coaching sessions after the R&R look like?

Working with vegetarians and vegans when it comes to Diet

Facing the fear of “not knowing enough”

Writing up terms of service, refund policies, warranties

June 3, 2016

Topics: Special Guest Leigh Brandon

Brandon Molle and Leigh Brandon discussed the MT Coaching Success Program. The MT Coaching Success Program was put together by Leigh to help coaches empower and support their clients through the challenging stages of behavior change and continued motivation to enable them to be successful on their program. A successful practice is only achievable with a successful and happy client base referring you new business. Leigh talks about how he has achieved this and how he helped hundreds of coaches to effectively coach their clients to success too.

Click Here to Learn More About the MT Coaching Success Program



June 10, 2016


Practitioner Spotlight with Sonya Catterfeld, find out more about Sonya here.



June 17, 2016


Kaayla T. Daniel, PhD is known as The Naughty Nutritionist® because she “tells the truth that’s too hot to handle.”

Kaayla is coauthor of the bestselling book Nourishing Broth: An Old-Fashioned Remedy for the Modern World (2014) and the author of The Whole Soy Story:The Dark Side of America’s Favorite Health Food (2005).

She received the Integrity in Science Award from the Weston A. Price Foundation in 2005, the Health Freedom Fighter Award from Freedom Law School in 2009, and the BadAss Award from the Paleo-Primal-Price Foundation in 2015.

Kaayla has been a guest on The Dr. Oz Show, PBS Healing Quest, NPR’s People’s Pharmacy, ABC’s View from the Bay, and Discovery Channel’s Medical Hotseat, and has appeared with Dr. Mark Hyman, JJ Virgin, Gary Taubes, Charles Poliquin, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Joel Salatin, David Wolfe and other prominent health experts.  She has spoken at numerous conferences, including  Ancestral Health, Paleo f(x), BoulderFest, Wise Traditions, National Association of Nutritional Professionals (NANP), Nutritional Therapy Association (NTA) and Bio-Signature.

Visit Kaayla’s website www.drkaayladaniel.com and join her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/DrKaaylaDaniel

9:00 –  Can you explain the “fats of life”?

10:00 –  Are low-fat, low-cholesterol foods contributing to the epidemic of depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders?

11:00 – Why is America experiencing an epidemic of infertility — now 1 in 7 couples, and predicted to soon be 1 in 3?

12:00 –  Why are more than 70 million Americans experiencing loss of libido or other sexual dysfunction?

14:00 –  How did red meat get its dangerous reputation?

19:00 –  Opinions on chelation for detox

22:00 –  Can bacon really be good for us?

24:00 –  What’s wrong with the plant-based diet fad?

25:00 –  What about grains and gluten?

28:00 –  Is chocolate a true aphrodisiac? Why do British women prefer chocolate to sex?

31:00 –  Do oysters deserve their reputation as ”The King of Aphrodisiacs”?

32:00 –  What are the best foods to heat up your love life?

36:00 –  How did soy become known as a health food?

41:00 –  Don’t Asians eat lots of soy and therefore have low levels of breast and prostate cancer?

43:00 –  Is soy contributing to America’s epidemic of hypothyroidism?

44:00 –  Is that a true rumor about soy dampening the libido?

45:00 –  What soy products are the healthiest?  Which ones are best avoided?

47:00 –  Can you ask Kaayla to speak a bit about her product at Vitalproteins.com?  http://www.vitalproteins.com/collagen/dr-kaayla-daniels-pasture-raised-grass-fed-cartilage-collagen.html  How is it different from other glucosamine/chondroitin supplements?

How many months must a client take it before they see a reduction in joint pain, increase in mobility etc?

49:00 –  Who was Dr. John F. Prudden?  Why is he called the Father of Cartilage Therapy?  How did you meet him and what does his work have to do with broth?

56:00 –  Dr. Daniel’s future plans



June 24, 2016

Topics: Ask Reed

Referrals from FDN

Get an online scheduling/calendar link

Business accounts, dealing with banks

Starting over with FDN from 2013

How to sign up first clients when I have no testimonials or real life experience

Allopathic benefits of MRT

Why run all 5 labs

“I don’t know enough”

Cyclosporine and Genova IP and 401H

Collecting saliva for 205 with very dry mouth

July 8, 2016

Topics: Ask the Mentors!

Elimination diet or LEAP diet for MRT

How long until MRT reactive foods become non-reactive?

Can proteolytic enzymes and other biofilm busters be taken at same time as binders such as charcoal or clays?

Is there one supplement you have found helpful with weight loss?

Addressing thyroid: general recommendations, products, connection with steroid hormone balance and gut health, addressing prescriptions


July 15, 2016


Practitioner Spotlight with Veronica Dowdy, find out more about Veronica here.


July 29, 2016

Topics:  Ask Reed!

Niche marketing

Glomerulonegphritis from a Strep A infection antibiotic treatment and kidney support

Luteal phase deficit vs. defect, possible symptoms

August 5, 2016

Topics:  Ask Reed!

Announcement about FDN Membership

Announcement about FDN Advanced Modules

Biocidin liquid vs. capsules, usage

Diet – MT vs ketogenic, observation

Coaching guidance, 1 off vs. 5 kit package

Parasite testing with whole family

Biocidin and Lyme

Pricing for packages


August 12, 2016

Topics:  Ask the Mentors!

If fructose shows up as reactive on MRT does that mean no fruit?

Case Study comments on female with new hormone symptoms after implementing DRESS

Would coffee enemas be contraindicated for someone whose MRT showed reactivity to caffeine?

What happens if someone doesn’t pass their verbal final? Has that ever happened?

Managing cost of supplements, setting up proper expectations


August 19, 2016


Practitioner Spotlight with Michael Roesslein, find out more about Michael here.


August 26, 2016


Special Guest Rob Corney, find out more about Rob here.

September 2, 2016


Special Guest Carmen Hunter, find out more about Carmen here.


September 9, 2016


Practitioner Spotlight with Aubrey Thompson, find out more about Aubrey here.


September 16, 2016


Ask Reed!
  • AFDNP opening soon
  • Bioidentical hydrocortisone and low cortisol
  • FDN’s position on intermittent fasting
  • Asthma and children
  • Fillers in supplements


September 23, 2016


Ask the Mentors!
  • When testing for food sensitivities which lab is the most sophisticated? MRT, MT, Cyrex #4 and #10 which are recommended by FDN? I recently ran all three along with Meridian Valley within the same month and have different results.
  • How does creatinine factor into test results?
  • Is Matula Tea necessary if taking Biocidin, BioTonic, Pyloricil, Candicid Forte, and G.I. Detox? Will the Bio Matrix protocol alone, without the Matula Tea, eradicate H. Pylori? Or conversely, if I use the Matula tea, do I even need the Pyloricil?


September 30, 2016


Ask Reed!
  • Bulletproof conference recap
  • AFDNP open for membership!
  • H pylori and HCl
  • Fermented foods and yeast
  • Candida on MRT
  • Liability insurance

October 7, 2016


AFDNP Q&A with Brandon and Justine!


October 14, 2016


Special Guest James Maskell, find out more about James here.


October 21, 2016


Practitioner Spotlight with Rika Keck, find out more about Rika here.


October 28, 2016


Ask the Mentors!
  • Is it common and/or possible for pre and menopausal women to become estrogen dominant… when there was no estrogen dominance before… as a result of progesterone levels decreasing so significantly with menopause… relative to estrogen also decreasing as well?
  • Do you think it’s common to get false negative readings from the Genova IP test?
  • A client feels she has had issues with her teeth yellowing, since taking the recommended hormones on the 90 day protocol.
  • Do you have a favorite multi vitamin for toddlers or any must have supplements? I’m struggling to get my 2 year old to eat at times so I want to make sure she I nourished and immune system supported as flu season approaches
  • Is it possible to eradicate pathogens/ heal the gut if heavy metals are around? Do heavy metals need to be addressed first? I’ve heard the gut needs to be strong enough to deal with heavy metal detox, but can heavy metals hold the gut healing back?

November 4, 2016


Special Guest Grace Lui!


November 11, 2016


Practitioner Spotlight with Damian Dubé, find out more about Damian here.


November 18, 2016


Special Guest Dr. Jim Hawver, find out more about Dr. Hawver here.

December 2, 2016


Ask Reed!
  • What is FDN and what it’s not.  Diagnosis and treatment vs Lifestyle Coaching.
  • Our only tool is DRESS
  • What to do when you feel inadequate or like you don’t “know enough”
  • How long is it safe to take the program enhancers (hormones like DHEA, pregnenolone, progesterone, and melatonin)?  While these are only supposed to be used temporarily until the body stressors are reduced and body function is returned, how long can they safely be used if function has not returned yet?



 December 9, 2016


Practitioner Spotlight with Lisa Pomeroy, read more about Lisa!


December 16, 2016


Ask the Mentors!
  • Can you discuss ideas for challenging/testing/determining HCL levels? (assuming h.pylori has been ruled out)
    Followed by methods/ideas on restoring HCL?
  • How did you find your first paying clients? Using Reed’s Lecture Packages successfully.
  • Handling cross-reactivity results, especially in personal care products and environment
  • First client has very high progesterone, testosterone, and DHEA, low estrogen – where do I start?