2020 DIVI CNV – 2015 Friday Calls

January 2nd, 2015

Stress and coaching
Intake forms – why they are so important
Follow up sessions with clients
Pricing and transformational work



January 9th, 2015

Does the use of low dose bio-identical hormones effect a person’s own hormone production
Titrating and cycling off of protocols
Melatonin supplements – when to implement
Cold and Flu Season – How to avoid and alleviate
In what ways can medical attention help a cold/flu



January 16th, 2015

Hydrocortizone as a replacement for Isocort
Case question: titrating adrenal support supplements with sensitive client
Genova IP: interpretation of reference ranges
Reactions to Genova IP solution
Details of Genova IP interpretation
PDF version of Intake Forms



January 23rd, 2015
Medical Director fee update
Medical Director Program – History and explanation
Disclaimers regarding “Check with Your Physician”
Establishing good client agreements
Explanation of 205 – timing of samples
When to run a SIBO test



January 30th, 2015

Update on BH101 and additional markers
Update on cost of BH kit shipping outside of US
Guidelines regarding use of the FDN moniker and trademarks
Ratios on 205 result/worksheet
Optimums and reference ranges
Elevated melatonin
Environmental portion of intake (ASC form)
Diet recommendations for clients with several food restrictions
Primal 90 Summit – Stress Assessment form
Dealing with non-compliant clients


February 6th, 2015

FDN Expansion update
Upcoming Summits and Courses
Jenn Malecha – Sales/Promo Update
No one out there does what we do!!
Handling additional test results provided by clients
Cortisol levels, patterns and expectations
MRT – items listed on the Chemical section of the report



February 13th, 2015

Recommendations for HCL supplementation
Pancreatic enzymes versus digestive enzymes
Helicobactor strains
H. Pylori – treating family members
H. Pylori – protocols around sensitivities
How to order supplements via FDN associated accounts
Adrenal fatigue in client with one adrenal gland removed
Parasite remedies leading to UTI’s?
Multi-vitamin recommendations
Drug and supplement side effects and interactions – resources



February 20th, 2015

Dr Fresco presenting on Friday, February 27th
FDN II course for those already established in FDN I
Lesson 1 is updated
Steroid hormone produced as needed or goes to storage?
Reduce chemical and toxic exposure without overwhelm
Water linked to thyroid issues
www.ewg.org & www.ewg.org/skindeep to review products
Water filtration
Neurogenic cough – Bastianmedicalmedia.com/sensory-neuropathic-cough
Client case #8211 MRT elimination with weight gain
Health improving but 205 is not reflecting that
Get client commitment before quoting your prices



February 27th, 2015

Dr. Fresco – Biocidin
Originally designed for Medical doctors who want to treat without medication
SIBO & reccurring symptoms
Acupuncture for Constipation/GI Tract
Parasite, bacteria and yeast – how long on protocol?
GI Detox protocol
Maintenance protocols
Biocidin capsules for vaginal infections
Biocidin capsules for prostatitis
UTI protocol
Lyme disease
Biocidin and infants
Infants and probiotics vs vaccines
Cold & flu symptoms
Partner not willing to test
When & how to take Biocidin
GI detox & fatty foods
Topically for herpes, MRSA, fungus
Exasperation of an outbreak
Contraindications with other supplements/herbs
Ingredients that disrupt the Biofilm
Why Glycerin in the products?
Do not use if anaphylactic reaction to walnuts
Noni plant

March 6th, 2015

MRT and high # of sensitivities
MRT & food groups
Stress with food elimination
Exposure to new foods & recipes
Gluten removal and testing
Gluten and cross reactivity
Books and Summits regarding Gluten
Th1 vs Th2 immunity
Building a supplement protocol



March 13th, 2015

How to incorporate FDN with a chiropractors practice?
Are the chiropractor and FDN practitioner a good fit?
Where is the gap and how you can be of assistance?
Recommendations on introducing your practice
Lectures & new patients
Commission & percentage
Free gifts for patient acquisition
Target marketing – niche focus
Referrals to and from – reward model
Questions to involve the group
Disclaimer regarding advice on lectures
Pass the interview to be a client
Branding yourself an expert in a specific topic
Email niche market
Building a reputation



March 20th, 2015

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique
Body and Mind techniques – “something is stuck”
Psychological acupuncture
Acupuncture definitions & terminology
Acupuncture and FDN – combining the 2 practices
ACU – Typical treatment session
Tongue, smell and diagnostic tool
FDN & referring ACU
Introduction into Meditation – practice of mindfulness
Thought processes to create your wants
Changes in brain structure – Increase positive emotions
What to do when mind wanders & shifting of thoughts
Benefits of yoga
Types of yoga



March 27th, 2015

Well balanced exercise routine
Aesthetic training vs vitality training
4 quadrant workout
Daily Stressors
What is Chi-Gong?
Health benefits of Chi-Gong
Energy of internal organs


April 3rd, 2015

Inability to lose weight and removal of toxic burden
How to use fat as fuel
Clinical correlation to form an impression (not just test results)
Difference in ranges amongst labs
Testing provides clues
Importance of intake forms
Hormone fluctuations when eliminating BC pills
Massage & lymph system
Detoxify through the skin
Update on lessons & 101 test



April 10th, 2015

Medical Director program & additional services
Effects of Pregnenolone steal & progesterone
Stages of Adrenal fatigue
Metabolic chaos
Manitol calculation in Genova IP
Info on IP test
% of people in stage 3



April 17th, 2015

DHEA controversy
Program enhancers
Supplementation & customization
Intake forms – form an impression & identify trends
Value of our work
Difference between 2 Metabolic Typing tests

May 1st, 2015

Besides DRESS how to address ADD & ADHD
Food sensitivities and neurological issues
Fundamentals of sleep and exercise
Working with people with multiple sensitivities
Coffee Enemas & AIP for IC (Autoimmune of the bladder)



May 8th, 2015

Updates to US and European Protocol Sheets
Natural supplement combinations for effective eradication of H. pylori
New FDN Graduates, Sean McGovern from Illinois and Michelle Cooper from Thailand
Include as much information as possible about the case you are sharing on Facebook or other forums when requesting input
Avoid drawing conclusions based on any individual number in test results
Get clinical correlation using all known subjective and objective information about your client
Genova Intestinal Permeability Assessment – would the reported Lactulose level be affected by any paracellular uptake of Mannitol?
FDN Mentor, Shana Hogg’s Testimonial
Commitment and patience – major keys of success to rebuilding and restoring health
Binge eating – underlying causes to consider and how DRESS can help
How do we determine if yeast/fungus is an issue with a client if it’s not showing up in the BioHealth #401H?



May 15th, 2015

The new BioHealth 101 Metabolic Profile, what is measured and proper testing procedures
Natural Standard now called Natural Medicine
New FDN Graduates: Wendy Myers from California, Emily Potter from Idaho, Erin Knight from Washington, and Andrew Scopick from Canada
Hypercholesterolemia and statins
Preparing for the FDN Written Final Exam
Important points about the FDN Final Practical Exam
Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s)



May 22nd, 2015

Legal Aspects of FDN
Big Food Industry and Insurance reimbursement
Center for Nutrition Advocacy
Educational interpretation
Alternate ways to address nutrition
Running labs in different states
Liability insurance
FDN Doctor Notification
FDN Terms of Service Agreement
Holistic MBA training



May 29nd, 2015

Recap of last week’s FDN Legal Aspects
Certified FDN-P/Consumer Health Advocate
Addressing “D” (Diet) in D.R.E.S.S. protocol and Metabolic Typing
Business practice tips from FDN-P Rick Gold (FL)
Addressing pathogens through the FDN Medical Director program



June 5th, 2015

Future of Healing Virtual Conference Jun 22 link to register in FDN Newsletter
Thyroid Fat Loss Summit
Free video training for health coaches from Holistic MBA
Gut/Brain Axis—Microbiota Gut/Brain Axis
Vagus Nerve, Vagal Tone, and Enteric Nervous System
Interconnectedness of overall function of the body over time
D.R.E.S.S. Protocol all-encompassing
Bioflavonoids to address brain inflammation
Vagus nerve “Workout”—specific exercises to use with clients
Neural patterning
FDN reaffirmation—diversity, cooperation, communication
Article: http://medicalxpress.com/news/2015-06-link-brain-immune.html



June 12th, 2015

FDN-Branded Website Available to all FDN-Practitioners
New and Improved BioHealth 101 Now Available
Prerequisites to be an FDN
Conversation with New Graduate: Andrew Scopick
Questions on treating H. Pylori



June 26th, 2015

BH101 is back!
Building a cash-base practice as an FDN-P
Addressing mental/personality disorders with DRESS™
Choosing supplementals/protocols
Using Metabolic Typing


July 10th, 2015

New Technology Platforms and Membership program coming soon..
FDN, Inc in process of working on 5-year plan, purpose, and goals
Learning to form client impressions
FDN Philosophy and Overcoming client objections through education
New 101 and Clinical Correlation



July 24th, 2015

What do you do when FDN is not working?
The FDN mindset
The meaning of “vital void”
D.R.E.S.S. improves QoL
Metabolic Typing and the MRT
Next steps after FDN certificate



July 31st, 2015

How Reed handles a client’s complaint and question about FDN who has Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia – why are his tests appearing worse but he is feeling better
Vital Voids/Metabolic Void
Surveillance of failing systems and the FDN approach and principles
Why we run a gut function test along with a stool pathogen screen
Why we recommend use of a mucosal barrier repair protocol while eradicating pathogens
Infrared saunas
Are parasites common or uncommon in the United States
Are parasites more active during a full moon


 August 14, 2015

New website launch this weekend!
FDN Protocols—Keeping it Simple; stick to D.R.E.S.S.
Drawing clinical observations + lab results = more confidence with D.R.E.S.S.
“The Bitter Pill”
Quality of sleep—important for healing
BioHealth Labs—turnaround time is 5-6 days; 101 is only run on Thursdays and Fridays, so may be 5-10 days right now.



August 21, 2015

Money…in not why we do what we do…having the proper balance of attitude
Business start-up and getting out in in front of people
Outflowing through service, knowledge, wisdom
Challenging people to check out the science behind what we tell them



August 28, 2015

Clinical correlation
Helpful analogies
Building a workshop network and becoming a volunteer speaker in your community
Balancing production with outflowing
Heart palpitations
Epstein-Barr virus
Visit Metabolicchaos.com

September 18, 2015

Medicine for Mental Health Conference in San Diego
FDN, Inc staff together in San Diego for team building
Preliminary Plans for the first-ever FDN Conference
Using the FDN logo and marketing materials
Licorice Root drops
Strategies of supplement use
World Summit of Integrative Medicine 2015
Reed’s interviews with Paleo Hacks and Optimal Energy Summit
FDN-P is not “Functional Medicine”
Public Relations—actions to publish good works
Caller testimony and thank you: instrumental to getting to root cause



September 25, 2015

Special guest Dr. Al Weinstein
Clarification on Functional Medicine comments from last week’s show
Charging by the hour vs. packages
How to explain how you work, how you are different, and why you will get results
Determining client commitment level


October 2, 2015


Your practice: you’ve graduated, now what?
Highlight of tools to use with clients: ASI, Physiological Aspects Chart, 205 Worksheet, TSI
Engaging the client
Final Practical Exam Tips!
Titrating hormone drops
The 401H preparation protocol and Interfase Plus
Intake forms overlap help build a greater depth with relevant client history



October 9, 2015


FDNConnect—New course platform launched this week!
FDNConnect Community platform will eventually replace Facebook groups
Contraindication of bio-identical hormone drops
Why would you do a single hormone test?
What happens after the initial 90-day protocol?
Supplement cycling and titrating to elimination
Can vitamin B9 (PABA) be a substitute for licorice extract?
Do we use bio-identical hormones with teenagers?



October 16, 2015


Special Guest: Hannah Crum, the Kombucha Mamma
Traditional foods and their rightful come-back for health
The make-up of kombucha
Many health benefits
Lowers pH; antiviral, antibacterial, antimicrobial; toxin filter
Great source of B vitamins
Importance of listening to body’s needs and titration
The Lemon test
Continuous Brew
Big Book of Kombucha—coming March 2016



October 23, 2015


Question/Answer session with the FDN Mentors
Forming an impression of a client
Addressing low cortisol



October 30, 2015


Return of Hannah Crum, the Kombucha Mamma
The Big Book of Kombucha now available now
Fermented foods and Candida/Yeast
All SCOBY not equal
Types of fermentation
Fluoride and Kombucha
Caffeine and the fermentation process
Types of sugar and how they work
Children and Kombucha
Fermented foods vs probiotics
Diversity of fermentation

November 6, 2015


FDN’s very 1st FDN-P
How FDN got started
How SIgA works in the body
What the BH310 adds to the FDN investigation
Imbalances come before symptoms
More about MT



November 13, 2015


Special Guest: FDN-P Megan Rand Blacksmith (Feb ’14)
Practicing what we preach—learning through doing your own labs
Work with the individual, not their symptoms
Tips on integrating FDN into an existing Health Coaching practice



November 20, 2015


New Lesson 7!
Sean Croxton’s final podcast with Reed
Mission of FDN/Continuous Improvement
How the BH205 became one of the core diagnostic labs
Phases of supplementation
How long does it take for intestinal permeability to heal?
FDN-P’s are educators
The mold conference and the work of Dr. Ritchie Schumaker

December 4, 2015



December 11, 2015

Topics (along with the corresponding time stamp of when it is covered within the 1 Hour Episode):

1:30 – Reed at A4M Conference

3:00 – Announcements, new Medical Director order form, and our 3 graduates for the week

6:00 – Welcome our special guest, Sarah Paino,http://www.sarahpaino.com

8:00 – Sarah’s background (from Macrobiotics to Acupuncture school to Energy Work to FDN)

15:00 – Sarah’s personal journey of transformation using FDN and the value of patience with the process

20:00 – The similarities and overlaps between Chinese Medicine and FDN

21:00 – Overcoming challenges using the DRESS protocols

31:00 – Sarah’s outreach talk that got more than 50 attendees

32:00 – How to work through the biggest challenges with clients

37:00 – How successful clients integrate lifestyle changes

42:00 – Value of the basic 5 labs and the benefits of the FDN Medical Director program

49:00 – The most rewarding things about working as an FDN-P


December 18, 2015

Topics (along with the corresponding time stamp of when it is covered within the 1 Hour Episode):

1:00–Graduates!! Brandon announced our 3 graduates this week.

3:00–encouraging graduates to finish the course, standard of delivery and shifting practice clients to mock up clients

4:00–New lessons 8, 9 & 10 coming soon; encouraging FDN’s to run all 5 labs on clients

5:00–benefits of running all 5 labs, implementing DRESS, not-treating symptoms with FDN

10:00–FDN 2, membership coming in 2016 for post-grads, bonus course 11 being added

15:00–will have another guest next call FDN grad Jen Molecka

17:30–Cieley called in, multi-level marketing concern question; Reed comments on MLM and what sets FDN apart; difference between diagnosing and looking for clues to help our clients

29:30–reach out in community to build business; how to build referrals even outside of your community

31:00-Reed’s opinion of colonoscopies

34:00–Ella from Idaho called in; CBD oil; arms-length transaction versus MLM (multi-level marketing)

39:00–discussing the risks of regular colonoscopies versus stool blood test or virtual colonscopies; sterilization protocols for equipment

45:00–Reed further discusses virtual colonoscopies; kidney stones and stone-breaker supplement by Raintree

49:00–Brandon makes announcements for new year; new order form for medical director kits

52:00–thyroid and elevated thyroglobulin; Hashimoto’s; Celiac’s

55:00–Lesson 9 (thyroid) may be moved to FDN 2

56:00-upgrades to the course; re-testing and case studies; value of trainee/graduate feedback

59:00–Happy Holidays!