2020 DIVI CNV – 2014 Friday Calls

January 3rd, 2014

Self-Care Program/Model
Notification of Recall of Kirkman Biofilm Defense
Updates to European MRT Processing
Substitutes for Allimax
Dosage modifications for 401H Protocol
The FDN Practitioner’s own health journey
Policy forms for Clients-Refund Policy
Setting policy regarding length of service
Managing different “hats” as an FDN Practitioner
DIMPro and other therapies for elevated Estrogen
On-line payment and appointment scheduling options



January 10th, 2014

Treatment order for treating Bugs
Qualification Division of FDN
Removing amalgams safely
Staining on teeth and oral health
FDN Intake Forms – Encouraging compliance
Developing a clinical radar
Anti-Candida diet – Apple cidar vinegar and resuming fermented foods
FDN Editable Brochure
Cause of skin tags



January 17th, 2014

Presenting cost of supplements to a client
Brandon’s Dental Visit
Can leg spasms and cramps be caused by any of the protocols?
Presenting the FDN Approach to a Chiropractor
Avoiding protocols which contain caffeine if caffeine is a migraine trigger
Coordinating Support Liver and Support Mucosa protocols
How soon to ship out test samples and how to protect them
Possible causes of easy bruising



January 24th, 2014

Sensitivity to corn – effect on hormone drops
Meeting the real needs of a client
Possible variations in tests run on subsequent days
Progesterone in powder form vs. sublingual (Progon B-L)
Bone broth as a therapy for gut healing
Magnesium in Liver-Gallbladder quick flush
Liver/Gallbladder physiology
Dairy and mucus
Nausea during Liver-Gallbladder flush
Suppositories instead of flushes for detox therapy
Quick flush vs. Extended flush



January 31st, 2014

Order of testing – Functional Testing first
FDN Practitioner-Main job is to educate
How to Consult without diagnosing
How to properly educate clients on diet
Menstrual cycle correlation with 205 result
Post-full hysterectomy and FDN protocol
Conflict creators
Hypo-thyroid condition and FDN protocol


February 7th, 2014

Recent high Estriol readings on 205’s
401H and family treatment if H. Pylori is present
Zymotrate vs InterFase Plus
Alcohol base in hormone drops derived from corn
What are the alternatives to hormone drops
Probiotic alternating strains
Body wisdom
How Doctors may view our Lyme test



February 14th, 2014

Chasing symptoms
Establishing correlation
Making changes
PCOS and diet
Addressing complaints
Expecting an outcome
Your transformational experience
FDN accreditation
Qualifying yourself
Biohealth glitch in estriol



February 21st, 2014

Proper day for 205 Collection – menstruating female
Estrogen in relation to progesterone
When to use progesterone
Proper use of hormones as program enhancers
Titration and Accumulation (Ox Bile example)
FDN roots
Working with Pregnant/Lactating Clients
FDN in relation to any disease
MRT Blood draw logistics



February 28th, 2014

Progon BL – concentration now 4x higher
Stubborn or reoccurring pathogens
Amazon products for 401H Self-Treatment
Percentage of FDN success and timing of improvements
Coffee enema tips – when and how often
Diarrhea symptom relief
Exercise and Adrenal Fatigue
What to tell a client about their liver congestion
Alternatives to coffee enemas


March 7th, 2014

Candida Albicans on the MRT
Wheat reactivity and gluten removal
Eggs and chicken
Dairy vs. Cow’s milk
Yogurt sensitivity without presence of dairy sensitivity
Does the MRT need to have foods challenged?
How frequently to test
Supplements with glandular ingredients when sensitive to pork or beef
Amount of foods tests – Oxford will be adding more foods
Most common food sensitivity
Sensitivity longevity
MRT and Auto-immune Disease
Cheese and whey



March 14th, 2014

Refrigerating enzymes
Breastfeeding and protocols
Pricing MRT
Licorice root pre-workout
304, why & when
Thyroid, gut, liver
Low T



March 21st, 2014

High stress lifestyle with no apparent adrenal fatigue
For how long can Melatonin be used?
Post-Menopausal defined
Ideal blood sugar levels
Acceptable variations in blood sugar levels
Parasite cleansing and retesting
Positive indicant appearing without proper protein challenge
Low Melatonin case
Drug or supplement interference with test results
Iodameba Butschlii on a 401H result



March 28th, 2014

Intermittent fasting
Negative reaction to hormone drops
Instructions for 205
Stimulating morning appetite
Vegetarian fast-oxidizers
Emotional Freedom Technique
Age variances in DHEA
Mucous forming foods
Kids and high testosterone


April 4th, 2014

InterFase Plus – possible side effects
Post – menopausal female with MS
Herpes relief care
High iron levels
Interphase contraindications
Auto-immunity and contraindications regarding Licorice Root
Liver/gallbladder flush substitutes
Which supplements may be taken on an empty stomach
Kirkman BioDefense dosing
Clients who have had gallbladder removed



April 11th, 2014

Metabolic Typing – handling food rotations
Lyme – which test is used to diagnose
401H to identify blocking factors
H. Pylori infections
Digestive enzymes for use in clients with gall bladder removed
Boost client confidence
MRT Blood Draws – where to do them
Symptom correlation 304
Discontinuing cleanses two weeks prior to running a 401H



April 18th, 2014

Approximately 1 minute of Pause Time prior to call start
Update regarding FDN Master’s Course
Upgrades and updates to course requirements
SIBO test in relation to FDN work
DHEA supplements for various purposes
FDN Master’s Course available for those practicing FDN work

May 2nd, 2014

Announcement regarding BH101 Lipid Peroxide reporting
MRT: Follow up regarding split/blind testing – Reed and Monika report
Options and training in other sensitivity tests (FDN II, III, Masters)
Thyroid regulation using basal core temperature
FDN II Launch – Qualified FDN Practitioners



May 9th, 2014

Thyroid Session Review
FDN Practitioner List and FDN Standards
Standardizing pricing in line with FDN Self-care program
BioHealth 101 Updates
How to charge for your FDN services
Client coaching model in detail
Cyrex Lab tests and MRT
Bio-identical hormones vs. prescribed hormones
Insurance coverage for lab work



May 16th, 2014

BH101 lab fee increase in conjunction with 101 delay
Connection between high progesterone and Candida overgrowth
Tips on working with clients who are vegetarians
Histamine intolerance – what causes it, how to test
401H or GI Effects – Why run one of the other
Initial underlying causes resulting in gut dysfunction
More on Histamines
Lab references ranges for cortisol readings on the 205



May 23rd, 2014

Testing as related to predicting heart attack or stroke
ASI form explained (Adrenal Stress Indicators form)
Importance of parameters on the Thyroid profile IV
Iodine deficiency
Taking temperature with basal thermometer for thyroid function
How to handle unavoidable life-related stress
Wild Yam effectiveness
Salicylic acid sensitivity (Feingold Diet)
FDN help for those with Hashimoto’s condition



May 30th, 2014

Update regarding BioHealth testing and the BH101
Metabolic typing test on the FDN site compared to the Healthexcel site test
Neurotransmitter testing
401H supplementation options for small children
Sensitivity to sulfites on the MRT
High melatonin and melatonin spill over
Progesterone mimickers
Length of time to discontinue supplements prior to testing


June 6th, 2014

Practitioner appreciation
FDN II neurotoxins
HCL types
New document downloads
Statins and doctors
Root causes
Minerals and blood sugar
Blood sugar and cortisol
Cortisol pathway
401H and aloe vera



June 20th, 2014

Happy Birthday Reed
Carbonated water
Biofilm – protocol length, transfer of biofilm
Diet and carbohydrates
How to integrate FDN protocol in current supplement regimen
401H 8 day collection alternative
Helping clients regulate menstrual cycle
Helping a client prior to running labs
Colon cleanse in replacement of coffee enemas



June 27th, 2014

Phyto B-L formula change to Phyto B-L 4x
InterFase Plus with egg sensitivity and auto-immune condition
FDN II helpful for those who are doing foundational FDN work
Where to buy Kirkland products
Qualifying potential clients and owning the FDN program
Female hormone therapy taken continually
Ideal number of carbohydrates during pregnancy
Kidneys and kidney health
Cortisol:DHEA Ratio on a 205


July 11th, 2014

Licorice Root past 30 days with normal blood pressure
DimPro for possible estrogen dominance
Interpreting cortisol in context
Physiological reference ranges
Comparison worksheet
401H – E. Coli and possible yeast for autoimmune compromised client
Kombucha – how does it fit into proper diet
MT, MRT and FoodPharmacy®



July 18th, 2014

(Please note there will be a 1 minutes pause at the beginning of the recording)
Is honey before bedtime a good idea?
Shipping costs for test kits to and from international clients
How long do H. Pylori antibodies remain in blood?
Life cycle of H. Pylori (which is a bacteria)
How long to stay on DimPro?
Blood or breath tests for H. Pylori
Is there corn in Ultralife supplements?
Business module for FDN
Results and Recommendation Powerpoint Presentation
Better way to collect intake forms


August 1st, 2014

Explanation of FDN testing in general
How it works in the lab business
Lab based vs Principle based
The return of the BH101
Long term plans in absence of BH304
Short term plans in absence of BH304



August 4th, 2014 (Followup to previous call)

304 and 101 future availability
How will trainees be affected by the 304 changes
Customer service/client management regarding the 304
Alternate testing – Cyrex Array 2, Genova Intestinal Permeability test, SIBO, Genova GI FX
Accuracy of recent 304 results
SIBO test
How to get access to alternate tests
Melatonin readings on the 205
Combining tests (Cyrex and SIBO for example)



August 15th, 2014

CanFitPro Review
FDN for fitness professionals
Referring folks to the FDN Course
Update on Melatonin and BH101
Refining and updating the FDN Course
Working with clients if missing lab information
Finding the most useful lab testing
Food grade Diatomaceous Earth
Sex hormones – Salivary vs. Blood testing
Cultured Veggies as a probiotic
Topical testosterone effect on females



August 22nd, 2014

Gearing up for Fall – business encouragement
Introduction of our newest FDN Graduates
Prospective client with delayed mental and physical abilities
Prospective client who has had colon and rectum removed
Best tests to use when retesting in absence of 304 – Genova and SIBO
Proper procedure for Genova IP urine collection – discontinuing supplements prior to sample
Cortisol and gut repair
Issues with weight gain
Swedish Bitters
Protocol for SIBO



August 29th, 2014

When to use BioHealth Consultations vs. Facebook Forum
Root causes of anxiety and how to support a client
Case question regarding weight gain
Natural birth control methods
Copper IUD’s
Best natural remedies for muscle soreness
Liver/gallbladder flush substitutes for Epsom salt
Liver/gallbladder flush – Can coconut oil substitute for olive oil
Genova Intestinal Permeability test – consultations and support
Case question – client with major gut issues


September 5th, 2014

Testing for Candida
Cortisol:DHEA Ratio
Liver-gallbladder flush
Birth control and 205 results
24 year old with hot flashes
Coffee enemas and colonics
Root causes of male breast enlargement
Estriol and estradiol significance on a 205
New Estriol reference ranges on BH205
Can you have optimal estrogen levels post-full hysterectomy
Magnesium for menstrual cramps with Endometriosis
How to do 401H sample collection if experiencing diarrhea



September 12th, 2014

Allimax / C-F for bacteria
Macro-nutrient breakdown
H-Pylori and Barret’s
New refrigeration policy for 205
New 401H
Liver and gall bladder stones controversy
Liver’Gall Bladder Flush Prep
False negative on doctors pathogen test
Saw Palmetto and testosterone
High blood sugar
How long for mucosal barrier support
Metabolic Typing webinar
Charging for MRT



September 19th, 2014

(Technical difficulties with the call have resulted in approximately 3 minutes of dead time at beginning of call)
Promoting your FDN Business
Business Management Advice and discussion
High DHEA reading while not on supplments
New Metabolic Typing lessons soon to be added to the FDN Course



September 26th, 2014

Sleep disorders statistics
Sleep documentary-“Dead Tired”
Health issues associated with poor sleep
Alcohol and effects on sleep
Sleep disruption and HPA axis
Stages of sleep
Sleep apps- BrainWave
Organ meridians and sleep
Tips for better sleep
Sleep and body repair
Napping and effects on sleep

October 3rd, 2014

Marijuana and cortisol levels
Advice regarding issues of under-eating
FDN Rights to practice
FDN Accreditations
Referral Affiliate program
InterFase Plus and neurotransmitter imbalances
Brain-Gut connection
Aiding clients in removing gluten from their traditional American diet
Using diet check records
Nutrition Menu – app that calculates macro-nutrient ratios
New modules on Diet and Exercise



October 10th, 2014

Announcements regarding Document updates
Importance of the Liver
Main functions of the liver
Signs and symptoms of liver dysfunction
Detoxification phases
Importance of Glutathione
FDN liver protocols
Coffee enemas



October 17th, 2014

Stages of AF vs. Addison’s and protocols
Working non-specifically and using FDN principles
Side effects of Support Mucosa
Sequencing and Self-Titrating
Iron supplements and interference with biofilm removal
Biocidin and breaking down biofilm
Bio-Botanical Research products



October 24th, 2014

New MT and Exercise lessons added to Module 4
Tips on reaching out to integrate with other types of practitioners
Tips on handling clients who are seeing multiple practitioners
Complimentary modalities
Tips on handling client requests to review lab results ordered by other practitioners
47 year old male with high estriol result



October 31st, 2014

New Module 6 – Genova IP
Current basic FDN testing
Lab fees and client management
SIBO and InterFase Plus reactions
Acid blocker and FDN protocols, HCL
Self-screen for H. Pylori versus stool testing
Crohn’s disease and melatonin
Daylight hours and cortisol levels


November 7th, 2014

Genova IP test – cost of test and test ingredients
Client restrictions with the Genova IP
How to take Licorice Root, & alternatives
Biocidin and candida diet guidelines
When to do a liver/gallbladder flush within the FDN protocols
Thyroid and Iodine
Ideal blood sugar



November 14th, 2014

Statistics regarding blood sugar related health issues
Blood sugar physiology
Tissues that utilize blood sugar
Blood sugar reference range
Exercise and blood sugar
Best ways to test for blood sugar
Blood sugar related to physical size building
Tips and Tricks regarding what to address first with FDN Clients



November 21st, 2014

BioHealth requesting volunteers to trial new BH101 – details to come by email
BioHealth specimen shipping
BH205 High DHEA in ratio to Cortisol
White blood cells on 401H (trichrome stain)
Vitamin D Overview
How to find good practice clients for course completion


December 5th, 2014

When to do the 205 when female cycle is irregular
Parasites present without symptoms
Coffee enema – overview
Protocol recommendations and management in clients producing high cortisol
H. Pylori and HCL
Clarification on the BioHealth 101 trial
H. Pylori as a natural inhabitant

H. Pylori resources:



December 12th, 2014

(Today’s call covered the general topic of Candida, Yeast and Fungus)
Overview of Candida Albicans
Candida and autoimmune conditions
Signs and symptoms of Candida overgrowth
What can Candida overgrowth lead to?
How to address Candida overgrowth
Strong cravings of fermented foods
Beneficial supplements for Candida overgrowth
401H (stool) tests reporting Candida overgrowth
Mold and other fungi



December 19th, 2014

How bad can a Candida infection get?
Developing the vital reserve in building health
Useful tests to use to detect Candida overgrowth
Rotating herbs as a treatment against Candida overgrowth
Biocidin protocol