2020 DIVI CNV – 2013 Friday Calls

June 12th, 2013



June 28th, 2013

Integrating the MRT and MT Food Lists                                                                                                                                         HRT vs FDN Bio-Identical Hormones
Why we Don’t Treat Test Results

July 12th, 2013
How to Charge for Your FDN Services
How to Gain more Clients
304 and 401H Protocol Sequence
205 result – male with high progesterone/estrogen



July 19th, 2013
How to do Group Lectures and Group Sessions
Networking with other Types of Practitioners
Accuracy of Food Sensitivity Tests
Running IgG in Conjunction with MRT
Running Labs on Children – age and sequence
Symptoms Associated with high/low melatonin
Caring for Urine and Saliva Samples



July 26th, 2013

How to handle cases involving Hashimoto’s
Interpreting 205 cortisol levels based on reduced stress
EDTA Chelation therapies
205 results for trained athletes
Liver/gallbladder flushes and substitutions for cola
Mercury/candida treatment and detox
Taking antibiotics while doing 101, 205 and 304 samples



August 2nd, 2013
Case Study presented by Danny Maresca
60 Year old woman suffering from lack of energy, fibromyalgia and other symptoms



August 9th, 2013
A case with benign pituitary tumors
Probiotics and Prebiotics
Melatonin Supplementation with Children



August 16th, 2013
Assessment and Recommendations
Can a Client Order the MRT directly from Oxford
205 Sample collection for Night Shift workers
Isocort – does a client have to be weaned off
Hormone drops for pre-menopausal women (when to begin)
Working in Conjunction with other types of Practitioners
Recommended temperature thermometers
Recommendations for lowering testosterone in women (PCOS)
Apple Cidar Vinegar as a digestive aid
Dealing with Nausea caused by Quick Liver Flush



August 23rd, 2013
Adrenal Support Products – options, which is best
Hormone Testing – blood and urine samples versus saliva samples
Night-time relative elevation as a clue
Blood sugar – possible insulin resistance, seems low but does not test low
Types of Stress – and how they factor in
205 Retest on female with IUD
Coffee enema – is mucous and blood “normal”
Seacure – What does hydrolyzed mean?



August 30th, 2013
ELISA, ALCAT vs MRT, advantages and when to run each?
Split testing with MRT
Ironman events and GI trouble
HPA axis
Livatrate powder and special mix-ins
Headaches with DHEA and Pregnenalone
Titration stories from Reed
Coffee enemas during interphase and parasite cleansing
Ease of self-testing glucose
Cinnamon for blood sugar
Isocort and testing cortisol
Intelligent allopathy
Mixed research regarding estrogen replacement
Cancer cells
Importance of body chemistry balancing
Coming to terms with late stage cancer
Blocking factors relative to 205


September 13th, 2013
Building Health “Non-Specifically”
205 Result – Inverted Cort:DHEA (low cortisol, high DHEA, estrogen and testosterone)
Enerphos use for high cortisol – when and for how long?
Reformulation of Phyto-B
Mold (VCS test) and related illnesses
Mucosal Support prior to 401H testing?
Dosage of Interfase prior to 401H protocol
How to deal with strong coffee (and other) cravings
Specificity of MRT results



September 20th, 2013

Reasons for FDA’s removal of hormone drops
FDN looks at the bioavailable hormones, underlying causes plus a bit of palliative
Beswecken Progon B-L allowable topical that is 100% food quality oil (can be taken orally as well), dosing
Legalities regarding homeopathic and other recommended supplements
FDN as self-care model
Topical use of Progon Oil vs internally for digestion compromised people
Refining your impression
Compounding hormones
401H and Interphase Plus, when should it be started?
Progesterone benefits



September 27th, 2013

FDN improvements – Transforming a trainee into a practitioner
7 Year old with possible gluten sensitivity
Dr. Tom Osborn
Gluten challenging prior to blood draw
Stages of gluten/gliaden sensitivity
Cyrex Array #4/Cross-reactivity
Kids and treats
Solutions to “Trouble Staying Asleep”
FDN work regarding ADD/ADHD in kids
Titrating vitamin C
Phasing in multiple protocols
New melatonin ranges on BH205 results


October 4th, 2013

Stool Changes due to Supplementation
Titration and sequencing
Support Mucosa-Discontinue during a cold/virus?
Mouth Sensitivity to Hormone drops
Sinus Infection allopathic remedies
Wakefulness Issues and Blood Sugar Levels/Cortisol Involvement
DRESS for Health Success Document
Candida treatment
Hair loss/hormones
Natural Standard benefits for FDN’s
Weekly Newsletter



October 11th, 2013

Natural Standard Database
Closing the deal – Step by Step Tips by Dr. Al
Public speaking tips
Strategies for audience engaging
Networking – How to Pre-qualify a Practitioner
Defending “Diagnostic”
Symptoms of Hyperhidrosis
What Might Cause Profuse sweating – Sympathetic Overdrive



October 18th, 2013
Follow Up Information – Use of Interfase prior to 401H test and 304 Protocol
Probiotics – Recommended Options
401H – Clarification regarding amount of E. Coli present on the result
304 Results – Option to address gut and possible pathogen issues without running a 401H
Pre-qualifying Clients – Review of all 5 FDN tests
401H Sample in cases where client eliminates twice per day
“Blocking Factors” – Definition
Phase One and Phase Two Liver Detox Pathways, and how coffee enemas may work
Coffee Sensitivities and Coffee Enemas
Announcement – True Integrative Medicine for FDN



October 25th, 2013

Clarifying Client agreement
Announcements: Real Food Con, recent webinars
Follow up Information regarding Coffee Enemas and stages of Liver Detox
Hormone Replacement Therapy explained
Recommendations for specific menopausal concerns
How Does an IUD block menstruation
Isocort – When to recommend its use
IgE Sensitivity to Yeast – avoid S. Boulardii (Probiotic)
Phyto B-L – Avoid if experiencing breast cysts?
Guidelines to taking supplements alongside medication



November 1st, 2013
General Announcements
Pancreatic Enzymes – correlation with pancreatic cancer?
Licorice Root for clients on blood pressure medication
Best time of day to take Progesterone drops (use in men and women)
MRT – What to do regarding foods which are not tested for
Best recommendations for seasonal allergies
Interfase Plus factored into Testing Schedule
In Person clients vs. Remote Clients
How to motivate client follow-through



November 8th, 2013
Current FDN Announcements
Proper use of enzymes and HCL
Duration of Protocol
InterFase Plus Recall – Follow up and Alternatives
Anti-candida Diet – How an athlete can modify
HTMA – Best hair samples
Pregnancy/Post-partum protocols and effects on Test results
Recommendations for driving traffic to your website
Supporting liver detox without coffee enemas or liver flush
Coffee enema 101



November 15th, 2013
Current Announcements
InterFase Plus availability Follow-Up
EDTA (an ingredient in InterFase Plus) – uses and safety
Gut healing during pathogen treatment
Interphase Plus uses
Drug and supplement interactions
Interphase Plus and children
Self-testing methods to use for prospective Clients
Minimizing Array of possible supplement companies
Probiotics and other supplements for travel
Massage interfering with lab testing
Probiotics and candida
HCL in protocol
Liver/Gallbladder Flush prior to 401H Testing



November 22nd, 2013

Best Shipping option from UK
MRT result variations
Biohealth labs commission/discount policies
D.R.E.S.S. For Success-Can the document be edited?
401H positive markers and testing family members
How to avoid diagnosing adrenal fatigue
Bentonite clay-Uses
LBF #1 vs LBF #2
DHEA/pregnenolone cancer contraindications
Identifying hidden stressors
Parasite protocol – Making the call
Bug life-cycle



December 6th, 2013
Special Guest – Ethan DeMitchell from Oxford BioMedical
The new MRTIII compared to the current MRT – MRT Overview
MRT Certification Opportunities
How often should MRT retests be done
Derivatives of foods in personal care products
MRT indications of reaction to foods rarely/never eaten
Purpose of split testing and test reliability



December 13th, 2013

Guest speaker – Mark Berdan, certified Healthcare Reform Specialist
Affordable Care Act and provisions
HSA compatible policies
How to determine HSA eligible expenses
State specific health coverage
Trending toward alternative care
Supplement coverage
Routine preventative care
Advanced premium tax credits
Mark’s Contact information
NAHU.org to locate an insurance broker in your area



December 20th, 2013
The Role of FDN
Rebuilding Health in a Non-Specific Way
Follow up Information to Split Testing with the MRT
Additional MRT Questions
New Tool Coming soon – Cross-reference MT and MRT results
FDN is not “Alternative Medicine”
Sequencing supplements for a client who needs a lot of work
Preview of FDN Self-Care Program